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Leaving 3D Behind

No longer am I the person you want to remember. And seek to encapsulate me there for the sake of your memory. Like a snake who outgrows their skin, I shed my past. My transformation naturally culled friends, family, things, attachments, and rearranged pieces of my former personality.

All of us are being asked to shed 3rd dimensional contracts now, and move fully into 5D. Those who insist on living by antiquated 3D ideals will suffer. All must heal. We must own our thoughts and in-congruent actions. We must dwell within our heart for guidance. And, come to accept all we experienced, then and now. Please know we created all that happened. As, we continue to create all that will happen every day.

Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forgive for what you could not control. For if you, or your others, had more awareness, events would have been acted upon much different.

To go forth, ask yourself: What kind of person do I want to be? Then become IT.

Do you desire to create a life of chaos ruled and puppeteer’d by your past learn behaviors? Or create a life of ease, happiness, and abundance with (or without) money?

It is not enough to know what you know. That past is gone. Now, you must dive into the (uncomfortable) unknown. And trust there is an amazing future you waiting. Go find your authentic self. Alignment with your soul self comes from an awareness only you can bring to you, alone.

This is a journey of self responsibility. No amount of money can provide the freedom you seek. Go within. Reflect. Accept. Forgive. Love yourself. All resources are within you.

You will get through your midnight of the soul. However, it takes time. And inner work to discipline your thoughts daily, hourly, and each minute. Make use of wherever you are right now. Life is temporary on earth. Do not squander this gift.

I do not know you, as you do not know me now. But perhaps we will come to know each other again living in 5D.