The Pet Project Story

I often get asked about Patty Ann’s Pet Project -and how it came to be. So it’s time to tell my story. If you peruse this website, my background shows that writing has long been apart of my fabric. Words are just fun to play–and create with!

Years back at the onset of the e-learning era, I designed a website, wrote a few programs, and sold my work through my online e-learning platform. However, it was not to be for me. Too many hats to wear. Internet technology was evolving faster than I could keep up. Demands of raising a family, working full-time, and life placed my books in the archives.

Time unfolded. Then e-book resale stores popped up and welcomed authors to upload their works. And so I did, circa 2012. Trickle sales followed. Enough to give me hope. It was at a time where I had space in my life to write. Creativity consumed me. Writing enthralled me 12-14 hours a day for 4+ years. A plethora of books, inspired by my River Dog Toby and my diverse life experiences, emerged.

From the get go I had one rule for my books: They had to be self supporting. Supporting my own existence was outside my book sales. Eagerly I donated my time to this endeavor. As sales grew, my books were professionally edited. And social media avenues to get the word out were added: Pinterest, Facebook, forums, groups, and my website. BUT, something more-grander-altruistic had whispered in my head for years.

That whisper turned loud-louder-loudest. It was time. Within short order the perfect plan (for me) came into being. At the end of 2015 I submitted applications for my non-profit 501(c)(3). I have always told others that ones true path comes by grace. Patty Ann’s Pet Project had been incubating for eons, and it unfolded with ease. 

My desire had long been to support the comfort of our earth’s creatures. For that, money is required. So I dedicated all my book sales to this cause. Again, this next step needed to self support. My sales had become steady, although still modest, but enough to start donating! A little of something is better than a lot of nothing. Everything grand begins with tiny steps.

Decidedly, all book sales channeled through Patty Ann’s Pet Project would directly donate to groups already doing pet rescues. As a solo operator this made the most sense–and use of my time and talents which were already in place. My forte is in organizing, communicating, and truly, I love making connections that benefit recipients reciprocally.

I visualized building a community of like minded friends and contributors who would join me in aiding basic comforts to animals. I may be the driver, BUT it is the community that connects, collaborates, and contributes to enable the Pet Project to succeed. What I envisioned- and now continues to become established is a reciprocal network hub. Welcome are links and referrals for animals welfare groups to support. Collaborative contributions. Resource sharing. Awareness posts. Additional ideas will continue the expanding success of this journey.

It goes without saying that my book sales enable ongoing donations to animal caretaker groups. As this project manifests, so will my thoughts and energies to this end. My goal is to guide the Pet Project with community collaboration = YOU! There are many-too many animal projects to tackle. Of course, funding is a major factor. Consequently I am open to other options: sponsors, donations, grants, public or private philanthropy, joint ventures, the lottery, and, well, the sky has no limits! In the meantime the bridge is built by one connection, one animal saved at a time. Today is June 30, 2016. Stay tuned as Patty Ann’s Pet Project story continues.