Professional Bio

It was already written in the stars where my passions would lead. My earliest memories were of teaching the neighbor kids in a homemade school in my parent’s basement. Where footlockers were desks. Pillows, floor chairs. Crayons, felt markers, and notebook paper for art assignments. I was a true pioneer in homeschooling!

My first job was as a Librarian Page. I shelved book returns. A never ending task that allowed stolen moments to hide behind book aisles. And, fall in love with what books taught. More importantly, this job bought me my first horse.

So it fit that my journey would be filled with these same passions. Reflecting back, I was one of the lucky ones. I knew early on what I wanted.

My first career job was in Graphic Arts and Print Publishing. This was prior to the onset of PCs! But who’s counting when age is just a number—right?! After getting a Graphics degree I went on to land a position as an in-house Printing Manager at a successful company run by a tyrant who liked me. A couple years later I quit. I had to see Europe. And so I did for 3 months. Thereafter, I was invited to teach in the emerging Graphic Reproduction Accredited Program at Bellevue College where I spent 13 years. (See the book Covert Corrupt College for my escapades there!)

During this era I pursued another degree in Real Estate then obtained a Realtor’s License. This knowledge was used to pursue rentals and other property investments. Nowadays, I am—thank goodness—no longer a landlord, but real estate remains a hobby. And, of course being the entrepreneur,  I turned my hobby into a series of Real Estate Books that includes Teacher’s Ethics Lesson Plans!

Fate always granted me a multitude of opportunities. For instance, 6 summers were spent freelancing at Eddie Bauer (later became Spiegel). Somehow in the midst of juggling jobs, I gave birth to a son and a daughter. And, in the middle of this mix, I continued to enjoy my first child—my horse, ABBA. Another book!

When the print-publishing industry faltered and fell off the cliff, it was time to redirect my talents. Mid-life called me back to school where dual degrees in Adult Learning and Interpersonal Communication were added to my bio. I was then able to continue my love for adult education. And landed Instructional Designer and Training Development positions before there were college degrees for this specialty. I hired on at various high profile orgs including FedEx, Microsoft, T-Mobile. Not one to rest ideas, I continued to freelance. A whole lot. I developed content for university courses; sold my artistic talents; even developed Onesti Online, my website where I wrote and sold online courses to high schools. This was in the day (not so long ago) when websites were primitively created by coding html. WordPress did not exist. And online courses were just beginning.

Always a community activist, I was invested in a variety of education advisory boards. And my horsing around got me trapped into a promotion(-?) to be the President of a large horse association for several recurring years.

After corporate life I decided to pursue yet another challenge. And another degree: Certification in Vocational Education. This landed me back into teaching. But this time at a %#*&@! High School, which became my first—last—and final year teaching in public. Yup—there IS another ridiculous story in this career choice…but, it’s not written. Yet.

When life changed and rearranged, a major move was in order. Eternally the entrepreneur, I procured a living from multiple income streams. Fateful interventions coupled with experience, plus knowledge acquired in my vocations were applied. I never looked back.

Nowadays you can find me communing with nature; talking to animals; and exploring enchanting avenues of my own infinite nature. If you want to know more just read my books…because all reveal my stories—some true, some not.