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For the Love of Animals

Growing up dinners were meat
and potatoes. Salad was a side dish.
Tasteless iceberg lettuce leaves.
And a dalop of bottled dressing.
That is how it was.

Now my dinners are salads.
Deliciously accessorized. With dried
cranberries. Raisins. Almonds. Mandarin
orange slices. Chopped apples, carrots
and broccoli. The leaves of spinach.Sometimes,
its dabbed with dressing. Homemade.

Truth be Told-My Version

Writing an article of this nature was inconceivable 20 years ago. But personal journeys are too compelling to ignore. And this is one begs to shout out.

Lifetime habits and media marketing convinced me that our bodies would wither without protein. And meat was the only way to get it. Learned behaviors followed. Even raised my adult kids to follow suit. Hotdogs filled with animal beaks, feet, organs, skin. The left overs. The stuff that grosses us out. The jerky and pepperoni sticks. Then there was that Oscar Meyer Wiener Song. Still have that song stuck in my trained head.

Honestly I tried to cut down on meat consumption. “Try” is a word that means “Failed at”. When a spouse is a carnivore. When your children want to fit in. Foregoing meat is asking for a peer reduction. Now, it’s perhaps not as radically alienating as previous times. But people still raise eye brows when saying you don’t eat meat. It’s like announcing you are moving to the Arctic Circle. As in: Why would you do that? Lunch and dinner invites dwindle. It can make others feel uncomfortable. Often friends think us vegetarians are judging them. I don’t. Everyone has their own path for what is right for them. And I tell my friends this often. Even for other topics outside their meal habits.

For the Love of Animals?

My family of origin and the thereafter LOVES animals. We are fanatical about our four legged fur friends. We coddle, hug, and love on our pets. And adamantly claim our love for all animals. Then sit down to dinner and eat one. Somehow we justified this. Because it came wrapped pretty in cellophane. The true story of that cow we ate, was ignored. It never happened. It was easy to separate our fur babies out from those who really kept us alive. I began to wonder. How could I honor my own animals and not these others? Wasn’t it logical to have the same reverence for all animals? This challenging thought began banging around in my head.

Learned habits do not make conscious connections easy. Conduct has its own mindset to which we apparently are puppeteered. Once I entered solo living there came space to examine a whole lot in myself. Such as? My habits. Entrenched learned behaviors. False beliefs. And, ah–yes, robotic thoughts that lead to all that.

Really. I had longed to not eat meat. And. There was no more blaming a family that I no longer had. Morally, intrinsically it felt wrong to cannibalize another living being to use its “protein” to gratify my body. I mean: What was I thinking. More so, what had I been taught?

The Dawning of Differences

As I aligned consciously I began to taste differences. Namely between organic and store bought meats. The latter tasted plastic. As if fed filled with growth hormones or worse. I was aware of feedlots as a child. Specifically when my parents drove by that section on Highway 90. Staring out the back seat window I was horrified. Cows in dung filled lots waiting. Eating their own feces. Waiting some more. I wondered if they knew. It hurt my gut to look upon them knowing. And yet I ate meat. The veil pulled back over my eyes. As long as I chose not to see them as conscious living beings, cow eating was not a sin.

Human consumption of meat is voracious. And, nowadays at an all-time high. Meat animals are now processed no better than fast food. I often wonder if animal souls stand beside their abused bodies while waiting their execution.

Okay. I know about now I’ve lost readers. Maybe even some friends. But know this: I do NOT condemn anyone for the choices they make. I have many meat eating friends; including my children! Does that make them bad people? NO! Truth be told, I fall of my soapbox once in a blue moon. Evolution takes time. Rome was not built in a day.

Benefits Behold

While pursuing meat free sainthood I discovered amazing side effects. Namely for my health. A plant based diet afforded me far more energy than I ever imagined. Also, clarity of mind. Regular intestinal flow. Okay I’ll say it > BMs. Additionally, I by pass doctors. Haven’t seen one in years.

And to trump popular opinion, it IS less expensive to eat fruit, veggies, nuts, legumes. You’d be surprised where protein can be found in foods. Once I no longer visited the meat counter a whole new world of other foods appeared. Its abundant and plentiful.

World Concerns

Growing animals for food is not earth sustainable. The amount of land rape to accommodate harvesting meat has severe consequences to our climate. The sheer non-logic of what humans do is nonsensical. Humans are genetically designed for a plant diet. Why use an intermediary animal to process plants that are designed to go directly to us? Nowadays animals are not eating proper plant nutrients because they are abused for consumption. Pumped with hormones and faux foods. What is natural about this insanity? Do you realize growing plants vertically in buildings consumes far less resources and land?

The Contrast Continues

Sometimes I think animal consciousness will rebel and co-conspire to poison the human race. But in fact, it is humans who are doing it to themselves via an inhumane model!

This is not one of my soft and sweeter blogs. It’s blatant. I own it. But I do hope its enlightened you to eat less animal meat. Or to buy organic if possible. At the minimum bless and thank the animal you eat each and every time. After all a bit of good intention prevails over none at all. 😉

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.
No reprints or copying without permission of the author, Patty Ann.

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Patty Ann’s Pet Project 2019 Year End News!

Fall into Winter Greetings for 2019!
In this newsletter: *Wintertime Pet Care Tips & *Updates from

Wintertime Animal Care & Comfort Tips

Many folks still believe animals can withstand all weather. But for domesticated animals, their ancestral hardiness has been bred out in favor of show ring- and indoor qualities. Dogs, cats, horses and others are affected by severe climates. Therefore, here are some common sense winter time tips & ideas to share:

  • A make shift or natural shelter can help. A board fence can serve as a wind break. A grove of trees can be a storm shelter, or a sun shade.
  • There are many options and reasonable, portable shelters for purchase in the marketplace now–even for livestock.
  • Let outside animals have a break inside. Bring them into the garage, a basement, or a barn. Even a cubby hole inside a haybale is refuge.
  • If pets must be outside provide any type of shelter; be it a cardboard box. Put an electric blanket or heating pad inside, or a heat lamp overhead.
  • All animal breeds have inexpensive waterproof warm apparel available.
  • Provide (preferably tepid) clean water to drink. Check water buckets daily.
  • Feed high protein foods, or grains, that help keep animals warm.
  • Pet and hug your animals daily – Let them know YOU CARE! 🙂 News

Running an epublishing business certainly has its road bumps. Over the last couple years the marketplace has become extremely challenging. Here are some insights…
  • First, ebook host sites are taking larger commissions from authors. 🙁
  • Second, sadly there is a lot of plagiarism. There are those who buy best selling products and reproduce the content verbatim. Then re-sell it as their own. It appears no one respects copyrighted materials anymore.
  • Third, every genre in e-publishing is saturated making competition fierce causing reactive price wars that are commonplace and prolific.

These issues have affected my e-publishing efforts immensely. I have produced far more products to compensate for the above, yet the return has not kicked in…yet. Therefore the aforementioned has pushed me to re-prioritize.

Progress Continues Regardless!

This year I re-opened my ETSY store. I developed more artsy products that are more in line with what ETSY offers. I also closed a few test market stores that proved unproductive. It’s an ongoing adventure and discovery in epublishing. Pinterest has been my main source for advertising. Therefore I have developed interesting pins that have have had wide audience appeal. Pins link to my products and/or to my BLOGworthy articles. Of course animals are a center stage feature to help the Pet Project cause. Some samples below are linked:

I continue to support animal rescues via proceeds when available, albeit silently. I no longer advertise donation recipients openly, thus my Pet Project Facebook Group Page is now used solely to support and promote animal comforts, and cause awareness.

I hope this year end brings you a peaceful closure to 2019.
Happy Holidays Ahead to Each One of YOU!
~ Patty Ann

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The Power of Pinterest

For those new to Pinterest or those wanting another users point of view, read on!

What is Pinterest?
Foremost Pinterest is a search engine that leads to ALL of the pins/boards/videos/people posted on Pinterest. It’s akin to searches found at Etsy, Amazon or eBay.

Pinterest is unique in that pins are selected and repinned on other boards. There pins can be picked up again (and again) and re-shared to more boards. This exponential sharing is the power of Pinterest. By design re-pins expand a pin’s viewing audience.

About Pinterest Profiles, Boards & Pins
A Pinterest profile is a webpage that contains boards. Profile owners can create new boards- or join existing boards. Inside each board is a collection of pins. There are 2 types of boards: personal and collaborative (group). Personal boards contain pins procured by the board owner. Collaborative, or group, boards invite others to join. Group boards offer a variety of pins on themed subjects.

Join and/or Create Group Boards
Anyone can create a group board. And invite other Pinterest users to pin on their board. You can also ask to join a group board. Joining a board allows you to post a pin on it. When you join a collaborative board it also displays on your profile page. Joining group boards is a great way to have your items mixed with like kind pins for more exposure. (Group boards are recognized by the sectioned circle icon on the left lower corner of a board.)

If you want to join a board, contact its owner. The board description may provide their email–or the URL contains their profile name. Send them a private message. Be sure to FOLLOW the board -FIRST- so you can be sent an invite to join.

Ideas to Organize Your Boards
There are many ways to set up your profile cover page. There is no magic formula. Realize your profile boards can- and will change over time. You can move/edit/delete/rename boards at anytime. For my profile I have presently arranged the boards in this manner:

  1. My first 3 boards contain products from my stores at:; TeachersPayTeachers, and Etsy. The 4th board has my photography and fine art as it’s a distinct category. Searchers prefer to target specific board types, so accurate board titles are vital.
  2. The next 5 are group boards I created: 1- eBook Stop n Shop; 2 – Books of Discovery 3- Education 4 All; 4- Graphic Arts Design Resources;  5- Career & Vocational Resources. These boards were created for my own pins, namely because I could not find any genre specific boards on Pinterest. I also invited others to join the boards who had similar pins to provide a variety of pins for viewers.
  3. Next there are my other interest boards: Communication in Relationships; Ethics & Critical Thinking Activities; Mental Health Mindfulness; Videos by; DiY Home Projects, + more. In all I have 18-20 boards. The rest of the boards are collaborative boards I joined. Board arrangements can be changed anytime.

Viewing Pinterest Profiles & Boards
People landing on your profile page want to know who and what your boards are all about. Since profiles can have many boards, people may view only the top rows. Therefore, when arranging boards, think of the visual experience you want to create for your audience. If you offer products to sell it is wise to put these boards upfront. Remember if someone is searching a particular topic they will pull up your board(s) and/or pin(s) if it fits their search. So do not fret about the perfect board display.

If you don’t see a group board to meet your needs > Create one! Then invite others to join. That was the case for my group boards. The intent was not only to showcase my pins, but invite like-kind pins. Now others ask to join my boards because they have pins that fit–and my boards are actively viewed.

Note: If a board receives few pins, views or action > change the board title, and description, to make it more attractive. The success of a group board depends on its owner.

TiPs for Collaborative Board Owners
If you create a board and want to attract quality pins, you MUST monitor board activity. Here are some tips:

  • Upfront in the description tell your audience what the board is about -and how to contact you. Post rules on what is- and is not- acceptable to pin.
  • When you get a request to join your board, click back to that person’s profile–before sending an invite. Check to see if their pins will fit your board. Otherwise spam can occur.
  • If a person posts off topic pins message them and request they comply to the board rules. I always give 1-3 courtesy warnings. If they don’t comply I block them from my board. Many folks just block pinners without notice. Sometimes pins get misplaced. Or their pin scheduler is not set up correctly. I believe it’s fair to warn folks, so they can modify their pinning habits.
  • You alone are responsible for the integrity of your board. View your group boards at least weekly. Keep them spam free. And cohesive to the board theme. Pinners and viewers appreciate a board that is true to its description.
  • Only create the number of group boards you are willing to monitor. My limit is 5 because I do not want to review, or police, my boards more than once a week. Do what fits you best.

Pinterest Takes Time to Grow
Like any social media, growing your Pinterest profile and following takes time. I started on Pinterest in 2012?- but did not become regularly active until 2017. That is when I truly realized the potential Pinterest offered. I only market through Pinterest. Because a picture IS worth 1000 words! And, it’s just fun to look at others creations.

The beauty of your Pinterest profile is that its active 24/7. And, a fun way to create and showcase our passions and talents. In any event, I hope this info provided a tad more insight to your Pinterest adventures!

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.
No reprints or copying without permission of the author, Patty Ann.

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Is Tailwind Worth It?

Are you curious if Tailwind will help your cause, product line and/or store to grow? This post is a snapshot of the Tailwind app, so you can decide if it will work for your needs. This article is not an advertisement, or an endorsement. It is an opinion based on my experience of what worked–and what didn’t- for me.

What is Tailwind?
Tailwind is an automatic pin scheduler. It’s designed to save time if you pin regularly to a variety of boards. Tailwind schedules pins throughout the day for weeks-months in advance. You just load the scheduler and (hopefully) forget about pinning everyday. You can add and edit pins any time. Tailwind also offers other features such as Loops and Tribes.

What are Loops?
Loops are useful when you have pins that go to targeted boards. Every loop can be set up using board lists and pinning rules. Loops rotate indefinitely without reloading the pin scheduler and can be edited at any time. The basic plan includes 250 looping pins. There is an upgrade fee to add more loops. I had over 5000 pins in 15 loops so I invested in the Power Up option which allowed unlimited looping pins.

What are Tribes?
Tribes are groups of people with like interests. Anyone can start a tribe, or join one from the many available. Tribes can be any category: books, animals, relationships and so on. Included in the basic plan are a few tribes. You can join as many tribes as you can manage at an extra cost. I desired lots of exposure due to all the e-product genres I sell. So I bought into the unlimited tribes Power Up as well.

At What Point Does Tailwind Become Handy?
If you are regularly pinning 50+ pins to many boards you may find an automatic scheduler handy. I had 200+ pins and 100+ boards, so Tailwind’s appeal was as a time saver.

Is There a Learning Curve?
YES – most definitely as there is with any new program! Tailwind does offer good instructional videos. The support staff will direct and answer your questions as well. But, experience is the best teacher. Every app is easy -after you invest the time to learn it. Such was the case with Tailwind. Understand that Tailwind is an accessory to Pinterest. I would recommend you are proficient using Pinterest, otherwise Tailwind may confuse you.

What Plan Should You Buy?
Tailwind has a free trial period. If purchasing, I’d recommend just the basic scheduler for newcomers (currently $119/year). This way you can familiarize yourself with this app, before spending more $$$. Loops and tribes can be added at any time if you see the need. Upfront I wanted unlimited pins in loops, and unlimited tribes for unrestricted use. I paid $119 for the basic plan + $360 for unlimited Power Ups = $479/year.

Was the ROI (Return on Investment) Worthwhile?
The point of any marketing/sales app is to gain a financial return. At least have the app pay for itself-and preferably profit further from it. The dollar amount returned must be measurable to determine this. For instance, I sell many products on TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) as well as other sites. TpT has sales stats. In the year Tailwind was in effect there was a return of $2.80 from Tailwind loops. Ugh. My own website drove more sales to TpT than Tailwind by 300%. Most all TpT sales came from TpT searches directly. Was Tailwind worth the investment? No. Not according to the stats.

One could argue that repins have traction thereafter – the Tailwind effect. My personal belief is pins are short lived for the here and now. I would say to do your homework and follow your repins to the boards they are pinned on. Many of my repins went to dead end boards. Meaning one owner boards used as personal reference- or act as a wish list. There is nothing wrong with that. I do the same. However, the result is that personal boards typically get little visibility outside of their owner. Sellers desire a pin that is actionable; one that clicks through to the point of purchase.

Tailwind involved a time investment. To learn. To monitor. To add pins and edit loops. And to contribute to the Tribes to increase reach in other markets. I spent money and I wanted to maximize its return. So I learned everything about Tailwind down to the details.

Tips on Tailwind Tribes
The point of joining tribes is that your pins will land on boards outside your niche. My ebooks and art products span a variety of genres. Joining a variety of tribes was appealing for reaching other select markets. Again I opted for unlimited tribes. But, this was too time consuming for receiving only 17 tribe click-throughs and ZERO sales.

Many tribes had too many participants, which equaled too many pins. And my pins, along with others, got buried. Smaller tribes are your best bet to get pins noticed. What worked was to buddy up. I pinned others who pinned mine. At least until my pins saturated their boards, and vice versa. Also pinners may market to your same audience. So repins often land on the same Pinterest group board(s), which is unproductive.

All tribes had rules. Most require a pin ratio of 1:1 -meaning pin one for every one of yours posted. I wanted repins as much as the next person. I tended to trust the intent behind the repins I chose. And did not check out their links, or quality, prior to repinning, which is a good idea. Tribes take time to monitor and attend. There are no guarantees your pins will be repinned. My view is that Tribes are another social network that is promoted within Tailwind, by subscribers, to get hooked.  Tribe time was too consuming for me. And without any tangible ROI.

Tailwind Issues & Support
I spent too much time monitoring Tailwind’s glitches. Forums revealed I was not alone experiencing Tailwind issues. In short, the Tailwind app ignored my board rules. There was excessive, rampant pinning on boards in loops . A single pin would get repinned on the same board perhaps 12-18x in a row. There was no rhyme or reason to this behavior. Consequently, I lost 5 favorite Pinterest boards. Either board owners blocked me. Or Pinterest did for excessive spamming. I was not aware of this immediately.

I contacted Tailwind support numerous times. Every support rep was polite and promised to solve this. But no one rep followed this issue through even though my issue was acknowledged and assurances made. It became clear Tailwind is about marketing and selling its app, not about supporting it. BTW if you contact support it can take 2-3 days to get a reply. My conclusion? Tailwind’s claim to “unlimited” pins is a misnomer. After this problem popped up randomly several times I had to monitor my boards closely. I asked for a refund. But Tailwind does not give refunds once paid. So to get my money’s worth I continued using Tailwind until my subscription expired. When pins went on rampages, I had to delete the excess pins. I was not happy about an app that was designed to save time, and instead was quite the opposite.

NO Guarantees & NO REFUNDS
Regardless to issues that come up due to your –or Tailwind’s error there are NO REFUNDS. For this reason if you chose to subscribe I strongly suggest to start with the basic plan. You can add options later if they fit your needs. If you want to exit tailwind permanently, you need to contact support prior too your resubscribe date. I had several emails with Tailwind support telling them explicitly I want to expire my entire Tailwind account. On the last day, I double checked. The Power Ups had been expired, and the basic plan was slated to renew! I contacted support. Again. Their answer: “I am glad you were able to reach out to us before the payment processed.”  What the bleep!!??? While support was always friendly, it was too exhausting keeping track of what they were suppose to service.

Pinterest vs. Tailwind
Understand that Pinterest is a search engine at its core. (And Tailwind is simply a pin scheduler.) When people look for something in particular they search for it. While some folks swear by Tailwind; it is matter of personal opinion and experience. For me > the bottom line is the Return on Investment: for my time and money spent.

Additionally, I found the most re-pins came from folks selecting pins directly from my boards. If your Pinterest boards and pins are set up correctly, the audience will seek what you offer. My article, The Power of Pinterest can educate you on how to set up your profile boards to get noticed.

I hope this assessment helps you evaluate Tailwind (or any marketing app). I am no longer a Tailwind subscriber. I do not believe I will return. My suggestion is to determine 1) what your pinning priorities are; 2) the co$t of the app, 3) the returns you seek- financially or otherwise; 4) and the worth of investing your time prior to purchasing any marketing tool.

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.
No reprints or copying without permission of the author, Patty Ann.

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Our Beloved Horses: Their Passages Through Grace Reveals Blessings

There are days among our ordinary lives that become extraordinary. Transition points. Defining moments. Miraculous and blessed.

One yesterday morning a year ago, I aroused from a deep sleep to slip right into a slice of heaven. My being was filled with love. So encompassing. So endearing. So awakening. I just basked in it. Soaked it dry.

I have had many of these amazing moments. I will tell you they are far better and beyond that of any earthly pleasure. These portholes open gently. Graciously embrace and swaddle with pure unconditional love. Waves of nirvana, happiness, freedom wash through every cell of my being. And with it comes a certain eternalness of knowing it comes from elsewhere—and another; most certainly from beyond. Definitively this slice of heaven is sharing what it’s like to go home.

Thereafter, I got up carrying this moment of bliss. It was 5am. Because my thoughts were about JD- and Lily, I looked out to the barn and listened. All was quiet and undisturbed, so I decided to go back to bed and sleep a bit more. Finally woke up at 8am. Showered. Put Mr. Orbit and Lunar outside as I went to feed my two horses.

I threw hay in the stall mangers. And as always, did a morning scan for good health. Horse habits you know. JD was outside against the paddock panel fence. Not coming in for breakfast to which he is always awaiting with a whinny greeting.

Concerned, I walked out to him. My heart sank. He breathing was labored and he was listless. It was serious. I put his halter on and walked him out to the arena behind the barn. He didn’t want to move. I went to get a thermometer. When I got back he had progressed to shaking. Mucus came from his nose. Instantly I ran in and got my cell phone and called my vet. It was JD’s time. I surmised, once he saw me it was okay to let go. And die.

It was 9:05am and the vet office said they were closed. So I rang through to the emergency number. I got a call back within minutes from their newest vet; a young, competent gal.

It started to rain. I brought JD out of the arena into the barn’s open carport. He had few steps left in him. I assured JD I would help him out of this life and into the next, soon. He just leaned his head into my chest as I stroked his forelock and his ears. Tremors shook him. His head drooped. Labored breathing, his legs posed to collapse. JD was having a seizure. The result of a 9 month vigil with old age end stages. Lymphoma had slowly consumed his body although initial blood tests indicated all functions were normal.

I knew then that early morn slice of heaven came from JD. I know firsthand when great pain comes, our consciousness leaves our body behind to do the physical work. JD sent his love to me while he could; still had the presence of earth energy to do so. This was not my first time to feel this type of trans-formative energy. I thought once again: how reassuring that our consciousness is able to crossover first, leaving the body to finish earthly transitions in a lucid trance-like state.

The vet came ready with the injection serum pre-measured and loaded. Not ten minutes later JD lay quietly at our feet. Immediately injected, JD succumbed quickly. Right where we got him to take his final few steps. A spot right in front of his barn, where the truck later could pick his body up easily. And where Lily could see him in the adjacent stall and pasture 20 feet away.

I asked this new vet if she had ever seen a soul leave a horse’s body that she put down. She thought pensively. “Once,” she said. “Straight after putting one down, the herd of horses began following something, maybe the soul body. The herd left the carcass behind.” I revealed I could see-perceive soul transitions. An interesting conversation ensued.

She asked me what to look for. Told her that on larger animals I saw the body double. As we talked I began to see JD ‘double’. I explained what I saw to her. She tried to see what I saw, but could not. I told her everyone perceives very differently. I happen to see-perceive the “body breathing”. This body doubling was my way of knowing JD’s soul was still attached to his physical self. He was not quite ready to exit his body, even though his body continued to die organically beyond that of his expired brain and heart. Our bodies are still organisms that even though clinically dead continue to live in many ways. Even up to- and through decomposition.

The vet waited with me as I talked about vibrational energy; a rich energy field full of varied frequencies everyone is capable of tapping into. This young vet with technical know how, was receptive. I told her she possessed a gift she could share to ease her clients concerns during these tough moments. Most vets are too occupied with the clinical aspects. That a bit of transition knowledge would not only help a client, but their horse as it crossed over. By putting grief aside momentarily, an owner can help release their horse graciously. With focus on sending it pure love. And, by appreciating and thanking their partner for sharing their life with them; including this ultimate and final lesson. Beloved animals still hear their loved ones-and even more so in this transition state. What a wonderful way to send a treasured friend off than to gift it with love and release, while suspending one’s own discomfort and grief—and beliefs.

I continued to see JD’s ‘breathing’. Witnessed his ethereal head raise twice, only to relax back down. We waited. I told her that animals, much like humans, pick their death times as well as their soul departures. In fact it could take hours or minutes to transition. I closed my eyes and asked when. My guides answered back: “Just You” “Subtle” and “Awhile”. I understood. This made sense.

The vet had another appointment and didn’t want to leave. Yet, her obligation presided. Her attending JD was no coincidence. Previously I had seen-envisioned this conversation at this juncture with one who was to be open-minded.

After the vet left the sun came out to create a perfect spring day with a slight breeze. I took up the task of clipping JD’s mane and tail hair off. Carefully banding it. Placing it in a box. I knew his soul was still present; breathing. I told JD he could cross over anytime. I led Lily out to see him, but she didn’t. Often horses ignore the body once dead. She gazed past him. Then ate grass nearby.

Lily appeared fine with the status of her long-time soulmate. She grew accustomed to his sick moments over the last months, often separating off from JD on his tired days. An innate survival instinct. I put her back in the pasture where she could visit from 20 feet away. And she did throughout the day.

I didn’t know exactly when JD’s soul body would transition. I did know he’d tell me, somehow. His energy did not feel ‘full’. This made sense as the larger part of him—his conscious self had transitioned early that morning. The residual left behind was his soul essence. Interesting concept to entertain. That his source self had split his energy in two parts: his conscious mind and his soul body.

Most of us, including myself, think of the soul and consciousness as being one and the same. I’ve come to know and recognize that free will deems how we wish to be born; and how we wish to die. It is a comforting thought when thinking about loved ones who endure a physically harsh death. That the pain body can be left to do the outward work of dying, while their consciousness, the larger part of them is set free.

Decidedly I would call the pickup van to come out in a few hours. Surely JD would transition fully by then. My phone lit up the numbers 11:11am. Perfection. When I am aligned with spirit, double and triple sequences of numbers show up. Four ones validated my ethereal listening skills. The transport gal said they couldn’t come out until 4pm. Another perfect time, that allowed no rush.

JD’s soul was still parked inside waiting. I set about major stall and barn cleaning. It took awhile. As I finished up JD’s stall I stood outside of it. Looked over to his body wondering when. From the left a black dog walked quietly, with head low right up to JD’s back. And sniffed. It was my crossed over TOBY! Of course! Toby’s grave was only 30 feet away in the garden. He looked straight on at me. I said in my head, “Toby, can you show JD the way? He needs some help. Please?” And, Toby perked up. His tail wagged. His ears went up. He put on his slap happy grin with his tongue hanging out that showed anticipation for a job to do. And then he disappeared. Toby had always shown JD and Lily the way ahead, blazing all the trails we rode together.

I resumed cleaning outside the front of JD’s stall. There was scats of hay. I was sweeping the granite dirt floor clean. My mind was empty. It was then at my right elbow I felt a huge quiet presence. I looked up to sense JD’s celestial body, a bright translucent light was shining large. I looked over at his earth body. It appeared abandoned. My earth brain thought momentarily. And entered a doubt because I had been waiting a long time for a hint. And then my eyes caught something outside JD’s stall door; in the paddock where I found JD that morning. On the top rail of the bright red tubing of my corral panel landed a black raven. I didn’t recall ever seeing a raven on my property. It looked straight at me. Squawked at me loudly! As if scolding I should know better. JD had sent it to validate that he was indeed out: FREE. As soon as I acknowledged this truth the raven flew off.

JD’s transition had been for “Only Me”. And it was very “Subtle”. I would have missed it if the vet, or any other, had been near to distract me. And it also took “Awhile”. I looked at my phone it said 12:39. These numbers made sense too. A sequence of 1-2-3. The 9 is a completion number.

The day was warm. It had a very slight breeze. However, after JD transitioned the breeze turned into gusts so strong the trees bent and swayed. My one stall with a wood door was flapping wildly, so much so I had to secure it shut. My yard came alive. Nature seemed to be manifesting ONLY on my property. I went over to JD’s body. Around him there was NO wind, yet his spot felt terribly odd. Like his body was the silent eye of a swirling vortex that surrounded the both of us.

I was impulsed to walk out to JD’s paddock. I looked into his deep 100 gallon water trough now about half full. And stared at it. The water was sloshing back and forth. Like the winds would rough up ocean waves in a fury. Yet, the tall trough sides should have shielded the water down inside it—but it was tossing about. And then I asked, “JD are you playing with the water?” He use to dip his full head in his trough to splash and slosh the water out almost emptying the bucket. And, then with that thought released, instantly the water waves died down to calm. The winds that had come in swiftly, disappeared just as abruptly. JD’s spirit had talked to me because I was listening.

I spent the rest of the day doing driveway weeding. There were times I looked over at JD and saw what Lily must have seen earlier: nothing. I did not see his physical body. I was fine being totally alone on his final day. Where I could receive JD’s messages. I did see him standing in random places for a few seconds here and there. The horse next door, part of the herd of 3, whined for JD off and on for the rest of the day. Lily only whinnied back at their friend once. She didn’t whinny or fuss otherwise.

Four o’clock came and so did the pick up truck. It was a one ton with a high box bed, a tail gate that dropped to the ground, and a winch. A gentle middle aged couple came to pick up. JD’s body would be buried on their neighbor’s property overlooking the Rogue River. He provided the land and had the equipment to bury. A smart joint venture. They said he used his graveyard pasture for his cows to graze as the grass grew rich. It was perfectly fitting for JD, my old cow penning pony.

Lily knew something was amiss. Was eyeing the truck. But as I chatted with this lovely couple, Lily got rather bored. Accustomed. They started hoisting JD into the truck so I went and got Lily and took her out back for a walk. She knew. Understood.

We stood watching the truck drive off to the east down our gravel road. Do you know what appeared? A precisely well placed rainbow rose high and arched wide over the road JD had just traveled while leaving. JD’s Rainbow thick with colors landed in the fields on opposite sides of the road! One that did not go unnoticed. It had caught my neighbor’s eye while driving home on our road, as she mentioned it was surreal and appropriate. Coincidence? No. Nature is perfect and complete.

I put Lily in JD’s stall. Truth is, they both used this stall a lot. It was their hangout spot. I fed her and stayed with her as the evening crawled in. Lily seemed to accept that it was just her now. I walked to the house. JD’s ethereal body was standing at the driveway gate. He had followed his body out to its resting spot, then his soul returned home.

I looked back at Lily. She was not eating. Instead she was looking intently out in the pasture. Her reaction was the same as the day Toby emerged in his spirit body. Lily recognized JD. She was not upset, rather mystified with JD’s new look. She started snorting and blowing through her nostrils at full attention.

As dusk came Lily started missing JD. For the first time Lily persistently called out with loud ‘Where are you?’ neighs. This went on for ten minutes. She was distressed. Then Lily fell silent. I am positive JD returned and stayed by her side all night. Because my property felt full, not empty that night. And Lily never let out one whinny again.

The prior week had been restless. I felt a change was imminent. The little signs were constant. JD had been happy, resolved. Comfortably so. He did his routines. Ate well every day. Had his normal afternoon nap. Ate heartily his meal the night before. His last three weeks were without any visible distress. Infested with cancer, yet JD had done well on the probiotics administered; better than I could have imaged or expected. It almost gave me false hope that all along it could have been a low grade colic. One always hopes. Denial comes too easy.

I did get one wish. That JD just surprise me one morning. And that was exactly the case. But more so, I wanted to be there for him. Witness, feel and be present with the miracle of his transition. JD and the heavens above blessed me with plenty.

I slept solid that night and woke early so I let Lily out in the pasture at dawn. She went to her friend, who met her at their fence line. The mares touched noses. It looked like they were having a long JD chat. They resumed eating grass together, on opposite sides of the fence the rest of that day.

That day I cried, some. Mostly from the burden of pent up stress from the last 6 months knowing. JD leaves one stall empty now. And a huge vacancy in the barn. Yet, I felt him outside everywhere for months thereafter. 27 years young he flew from his physicality back into the energy fields that surround us.

I met JD when he was 4 years old. That day I was helping a friend select her next horses. After riding JD, young and green with a sharp mind, I recommended to my friend: buy him. Twenty one of those years JD flew under my wing after my friend dispersed her herd and gifted him to me a few years later. JD had an uncanny common sense. Cow sense, people sense, horse sense. Yet, he could have easily ended up at an auction; slaughtered for meat. See, JD came with a rearing issue after bullying my friend and those who desired to ride him. I took him on because we were meant to be. And told my friend, she would not recognize him in two years. He just needed a leader to follow.

JD proved to be an excellent parade horse. In fact loved it. On parade days he preened as he waltzed down the procession corridor. Often leading our group carrying the American flag, no less! He excelled as a gymkhana competitor: a valley champ, 5 years running. Proved himself again after 6 years off; turning heads as a newcomer in another state where I relocated. He was a trail horse extraordinaire. Calm, thoughtful, careful. Irreplaceable. And, mostly, always he was family. One with bold character. JD was territorial with animals he didn’t know. Charged and ran out bears feeding off his apple trees. Yet gentle to the chickens, dogs, cats and other critters who belonged to me and my close neighbors. Horse camping. Poker rides. Springwood Ranch weekends. We had a great life. He was the black and white pinto pony I always coveted. The one I would cut in line to ride at the pony ring at Seattle’s Woodland park zoo when I was five. Who knows, maybe JD reincarnated into the larger version to become my dream horse come true.

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.
No reprints or copying without permission of the author, Patty Ann.

If you enjoyed this article a suggested similar ebook is: ABBA: Life, Love & Letting Go

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A Miracle Recovery Follows Our Great Grey Owl “Accident” Encounter

Out of the treeline it flew. Into our 60 mph path. Wanda reacted. Slammed on her brakes. A great mass of feathers skimmed her truck’s front grill. Then elevated to smear our windshield with it’s head smacking its beak on the glass. Surreal, time stood still. Both of us were aghast knowing we had collided with a beautifully massive Great Grey Owl. Wanda shrieked the horror for the both of us. It was unimaginable. Just as it hit, its fan of feathers slipped, as if wind swept, sharply from the glass. And splayed out on the road behind us. All I could muster was, “Stop the truck” which my friend was already doing. Thank the good Lord no one had been behind us—or within sight. I jumped out. And ran. We were on a remote mountain highway, after kayaking all day at a hidden lake. I could not handle the thought of this raptor perishing under the wheels of the next vehicle.

The owl’s enormous wings were splayed wide across the opposite lane. Its body stunned quiet. Its claws coiled into balls. I had to get it off this road. I had never touched an owl before . . . just admired them from afar. Its feathers were a twisted heap. It was alive. Barely. I didn’t know for how long. His eyes were catatonic. The beak open. The tongue hanging out.

Carefully, I took each wing back to its body. Did a quick scan. Picked it up as a mother holding her fragile infant, also cradling its head. My arms swooned around to protect it. To ward off any pain. And brought it into the womb of my chest. Wanda caught up after parking her truck safely. She said to watch the talons as they could be very dangerous. I acknowledged, but gave it no other thought.

The raptor lay quiet. A full armload. Snugly, I secured it close. Sending it heartfelt energy to recover, even though I had little hope. For as substantial as it appeared, its weight was less than 5 lbs. This being was feather rich in a light body. It would take a miracle to bring it back into this world.

I told Wanda I was taking the owl into the woods from where it came. So we trekked inland about 200 feet. I relaxed down to sit on a log and gently swayed the ailing owl back and forth. I could not let it die without love. His body gave him no choice, but to submit. After awhile he pulled his tongue back inside his mouth and closed his beak. His eyes still dilated now stared.

We had no words. We both sent it healing, loving energy. And waited. I continued to lullaby rock nature’s finest in silence as if it might soothe. He began to move its head. His feet stirred. One eye pupil contracted; the other not so much. A rim of red circled that eye. There was blood on one of his talons. The true extent of his injuries were still unknown.

A half hour then more crept by. Wanda retrieved a cardboard box from her truck. We decided it best to place him in it to see if he would recover himself. He eventually stood. And peered over the side of the box. Another half hour slipped by. He was panting as if hyperventilating. Yet he turned his head around cautiously both sides, with eyes open,  and more alert. He focused on me standing back. Several times intently. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and found a soulful resonance: of respect, and of appreciation.

We talked of calling the wildlife sanctuary several hours away for advice. But there was no reception. Discussed taking him in if need be, which felt futile-stressful to put upon him.

We both wished him to fly off, and said so. I envisioned him flying and sent him that picture. He revived a tad more. He was now blinking and turning his head around freely. I took him out of the box and placed him on the ground. (Pictured here.) He stood without wobble. Wanda’s medical background, and former aviary sanctuary expertise, was a godsend. Her skilled fingers worked gently to detect any fractures. And found none. Wanda picked him up, barely, and swoosh he flew off! His flight too impressive to take our eyes off. In our awe, we could not even reach for our cameras.

His four to five foot wingspan swept through the forest low, albeit back towards that road. He landed in a clutch of tree branches chest height off the ground. We went to find him well camouflaged, but not recovered fully. (Pictured below.) I broke the brittle branches away from him as he sat askew. Wanda placed his off talon back next to its other. I folded his wing back by his side. He offered no resistance. He flew to the ground. Wanda braced him, picked him up. He flew a very short distance landing under another tree on the ground nearer to the road. He was exhausted. It was clear he had a destination. Perhaps back to his family.

Our eyes met and interlocked again. With intention I promised to take him across the way. Around the thicket I went. Then approached from behind. Scooped him up. Cradled him close. He allowed it, yet wiggled for freedom. And then his body vibrated against mine as he clicked his tongue. I was elated for another sign of recovery. Securing him to my chest I walked the rugged terrain diligently. Then crossed the road.

On the other side he showed no interest in flying. He was spent. We placed him in a thicket of trees off the ground where he blended in with perfection. Now nature would do him best without the stress of us humans. Two hours plus, and the long shadows of evening were upon us. We gave him all any human could. We walked away knowing he would have a good chance, pending any internal injuries from his head bang. The rest was up to him.

I laid awake that night wondering. Kept seeing his big soulful eyes staring at me. Wanda later mentioned his affinity for tracking me. What was our encounter all about? Why did the three of us co-create this perfectly timed moment? Perhaps this owl longed to know human touch. Or, we needed a reminder of that frailty can invoke great resilience. I marveled the whole while I had held him. Appreciated his strength, his presence and purity.

There are no accidents. Only moments of divine timing, to which this event certainly qualified. I asked my spirit guides to provide some validation one way, or another over the next days. Like the feathers that had fallen from the bird-less sky lately. The second morning thereafter I rode my Lily quietly out in my back pasture under the vast open sky. Our horse-human connection once again revealed. At several intervals, a variety of bird flocks emphatically graced the heavens above. Resolve. Freedom. And strong health were resonating thoughts surrounding our owl.

The rare presence of a Great Grey long suggests abundant spirituality, wisdom, intuition, power and strength, and that transitions soon prevail. Our Owl was sent to impart a sacred, eternal message. This was not a “chance” meeting.  Our encounter beckoned a reciprocal trust. A connection between two species deeply inter-dependent upon one another. That there was indeed great significance in our alignment as complimentary, yet equal beings. Each vital. And every one of us is integral to this web we call life. Another reminder that every action we choose to enact, affects not just one other, but the whole. And individually, or as a collective, WE can choose to perish- or thrive.

This essay is now a lesson plan with integrated activities. Check it out HERE!

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.
No reprints or copying without permission of the author, Patty Ann.


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Intentional Thoughts = Healthy Choices

Many of us grew up in a chaotic households fraught with severe dysfunctional patterns. As children we absorbed our parents behaviors; just as they followed their own parental upbringing. Once a child reaches the age of 12 these programs are implanted. We run this programming well into mid-life, re-playing scenarios as adults. Then events begin to call us to wake up. And question. And, if lucky, we begin the process of changing ourselves; namely how we think.

Just as our parents, and their parents before them, we adopted behaviors that seemed to work well for survival. There is no blame for the generational sins of our ancestry.
We did the best we could for who we were and what we were taught. We simply did not know any different. In fact. You could say: we are-were puppets mastered by our learned behaviors.

Many people continue to be puppeteered the rest of their lives. Why? Because often it’s easier to follow habits. And, not think about their thoughts…the same thoughts that control every aspect of their being.

To illustrate this point, lets examine those who have the incessant need to control others. An adult who controls others may have been a child growing up in a households riddled with systemic issues. One where typically there was no choice. Where respect meant following rules, and obedience to parents; however they conducted family affairs. Children are helpless. With no hope-, or even an inkling, of how to change or influence outcomes. Children typically have limited examples to live by. Thus, adapt and absorb, then live out a version of what was taught as right or wrong.

Many adults today control others. Perhaps they are making up for what they could not control as children. Or they lived with domineering parents and that is the behavior they mimick.  Yet it becomes a vicious, no-win cycle.

Society, corporate institutions, and households still hold fast to control as a means to self gratification. Many believe control over others still works. The contrast is blaringly loud. People know there is a better way and are rebelling. Unfortunately many continue to recycle the same antiquated control methods. However, truly, we can control ONLY ONE person: OURSELF. Becoming aware and aligning with a true intention – WE empower ourself.

Awareness is knowing there are consequences that arise from our thoughts in action. Being AWARE is taking personal responsibility; and knowing how our thought programs run our behaviors. Advanced awareness uses thoughts to correct thought patterns. AWARENESS is making conscious, intentional choices that create healthy outcomes.

Making a choice in good thought is not enough. NOW it’s about making intentional choices to bring about desired outcomes. This journey starts with YOU. Everyone has free will choice of thought. Everything we do every moment is a free will thought enacted.

The choice we have going forth is: Do we allow our programmed child minds to continue to recreate habits that no longer serve us? Or, do we take our God given right of free will thought, and help ourselves into a life of ease and grace?

My fascination with behaviors that stem from learned thought patterns instigated the LET YOUR SOUL SELF SPEAK OUT Series. Each lesson tackles a different topic. Formatted with Q&As and short subject synopsis, these mindful assessments are geared for individual self reflections and/or group discussions. Thought provoking, this series is designed for the classroom, as well as individual growth mindset development. Check them out!


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Benefits to Buyers for Buying Right Here!

Bountiful Buyer Benefits!

No Account to Purchase!
Appreciate the ease of a fast check out -and not having to remember more account passwords. Although accounts keep track of your purchases, just make sure you keep your email receipt so you can access your downloads at any time. You can contact us with your name and books bought, so your purchases can be retrieved for  you.

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Thank YOU & ENJOY!



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Snap Shots of Eden

Snap Shots of Eden

Recalling family moments is for the nostalgic. Pictures are what push us to go back, way back to a simpler time. Where  our happy moments of innocence are not yet lost. Photos encapsulate an era reserved only for the unsuspecting. Inside pages of a photo album awaits visual reminders and memories folded away somewhere inside time.

With jaded glasses etched and consumed by a lifetime of manic depressive dysfunctions, I visited my family’s youth. Bipolar didn’t exist then. For any of us. My two late brothers as babies, and later as dream-filled young men stood proud, liberated, and untethered by the future that would haunt them.

Photographs are holograms. A person’s soul state emits their light or dark that dwells within. Look close sometime, you’ll see it. Pictures evoke feelings and remembrances. I held three photo albums with an assortment of birthday parties, Christmases, Halloween’s and family dinners. Each in different years. All with happy faces.

I took those three albums back to their rightful owner: my Mother. I think this turned out to be a blessing as my siblings poured over those naive years and soaked up its purity too. One sister kept chanting, “If we had only known then, what we know now…..” But we didn’t. And, that is the beauty of life.

On this day of remembrance, we captured the attention of our elderly Mother now finally recuperated from heart, kidney, and lung conditions. We told her what no Mother should ever have to hear, twice. Her body was frail, but her mind was sharp. On that day I wish it was the other way around. As I looked around a familiar scene, I wondered who had suffered most during these hours. Us siblings had waited, toiled and fretted over the best time to tell Mom. We had carried the burden of our brother’s suicide for almost two months. And, while we had a two month head start to Mom’s first induction just now, we were all crying just as hard.

God, what I would give to go back and live inside those pictures of yesteryear. Where suicide was not even a thought. And bipolar wasn’t even a word. Just one more visit to Eden please.

This Exerp is taken from Patty Ann’s Book: Bipolar Friend on Suicide.

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Estrangement: A Personal Transition Journey

Times of deep trauma leading to transition reminds us not just how to survive, but cope successfully. Eventually, lessons learned grant a deeper sense of self worth, understanding, and insight.

Every person, who has experienced a family Estrangement, has a heartfelt journey. It is a path of discovery, processing, surrender, and resolve. Surviving estrangement can-and will redefine your life. Mine did that for me.

While well on the other side of “Estrangement”, I would like to offer some ideas and suggestions: Hard won conclusions that worked for me, in hopes they may help you.

Put Yourself First!

The old adage: You can only change yourself and nobody else, is an ultimate estrangement journey truth. And, this euphemism is a lasting reminder in the there-after. In reflection, estrangement was an extreme opportunity to retrain and re-frame my thoughts into a healthier paradigm for my future self.

Estrangement gifted much. It taught me how to set healthy boundaries. How to say NO- and No More. How to caretake, putting my emotional-spiritual-mental health FIRST. That learned behaviors are a bitch. But, that I could unwind them. And mindfully rewire how I perceive; thus RE-receive a life I deserved to lead. That meant being of free will; namely where I put my thoughts. And, regardless of external relationships, my choices stood independent; outside the influence of circumstance.

Redirecting our focus onto ourselves FIRST > is the FIRST step back to reclaiming our happiness.

One Day at a Time

Primarily, we LIVE where our thoughts are focused. Our thoughts and perceptions are ours alone which create our individual reality. Changing a thought is simple. BUT IT IS NOT EASY. It takes mindful discipline to redirect unpleasant thinking into feel good thoughts. Especially so during estrangement.

Start small. With one thought attached to one feeling at one time. Become very aware of how you feel when you think a thought. If you FEEL good when a thought comes, hold onto it. Remember it. Revel in it. FEEL good thoughts are the stepping stones that bridge us to more happy thoughts. FEEL good thoughts help heal. Thoughts that FEEL delightful are vehicles that drive you to peace, resolve and return you to your true nature. It is the emotion linked to a thought that catapults you to FEEL something. Harness that FEEL GOOD emotion. Memorize your body responses so you can return back to your happy spot often.

You are where your thoughts live. Be cognizant towards replacing ugly thinking with calming, FEEL GOOD thoughts. Remember or fantasize happy times. Either from your youth– or how you’d like to reinvent your life going forth. Your thoughts and what you want to do with them is about YOU, alone. Play the conductor to your train of thoughts. Be your own engine that forges ahead to reach nirvana.

Challenges Offer Opportunity

Estrangement makes a person strong. Our beliefs are destined to be rearranged. We need to own our issues. Particularly our thinking paradigms, which get challenged until we take an ernst look at them. Examine every thought’s worth in your life. Then redirect, reform and redesign. There is no turning back. Innocence is always lost to knowledge. Paddle your canoe downstream. Go with the flow. Learn from ITS passage. Resist, and estrangement (or any other temporary hardship) will devour you.

In times of deep contrast and upset, we always have a choice. How and what to think- each and every moment. Changing your thoughts will change your reality. Start by doing one GOOD FEELING deed a day. Just ONE. Eat a chocolate. Read a book. Take a walk. Meditate. Listen to music. Pet an animal. Anything to get those good vibes flowing back to YOU.

You do NOT have to experience estrangement to bring about a drastic thinking paradigm shift. Any situation of deep contrast, will urge, if not force you to change your beliefs. It just so happened that estrangement was my trans-formative catalyst. One that enabled a most necessary adjustment to–and for my life.

Check out my Estrangement 5 Part Series on YouTube!
Each Video is only @ 2 minutes and FULL of Tips, Ideas & Suggestions.

Copyright 2018

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2018 Year End Newsletter & Recap

Oh My! Seems like yesterday I was writing a year end update for 2017~! I sincerely hope you are enjoying this season with your fur families. As for a recap, here are some pet related highlights, both personally and professionally, over the past year.


In January I adopted a bright orange kitty I named “Mr. Orbit”. He was one of 120 cats and kittens rescued by Rogue Valley Humane Society from an extreme hoarding situation. Born into that environment left Orbit sickly and with many social issues. Leave it to me to claim him, knowing in a quiet space he would recuperate and blossom. My Lunar immediately welcomed his new brother. Playing nursemaid, Lunar gave Orbit the much needed cat manners and kitty love necessary to heal. Now almost a year later, I am happy to report Mr. O is one fat, sassy, and silly kitty. 🙂

Lily Left & JD Right

In April I lost my beloved JD to old age. JD came to me with dangerous behavior issues long ago. Over time and with patience, he grew into a top notch parade mount and leading gymkhana competitor. Unsurpassed, JD was trail wise; a safe and savvy trekker. A loyal friend who left a giant hoof-print in my heart. After the truck took JD’s body from our home, a HUGE bright rainbow stretched in an arch across the road…which did not go unnoticed by my neighbors. JD’s remains rest in a cow pasture overlooking the Rogue River. A truly fitting resting spot for this cow penning pony. Yet, his spirit fills my, now, much quieter farm. This is the first time in over 20 years that I have a one horse ranch. It was an adjustment, for me -and JD’s long time companion, Lily, who is now spoiled rotten getting all the attention she deserves.


As per ongoing evaluations, there were some vendor adjustments this year. Last fall I added another education vendor, only to have this reseller close down this spring! Competition is tough in this marketplace. Especially, against TeachersPayTeachers where my lesson books sell steady. Then, after discovering another overseas education vendor, I decided to test these waters. Right now I am in the wait and see stage. Typically, new vendors are on trial for about a year to determine if my products fit their markets, and are received well.

After seeing a surge sales for a couple of my teacher products in Ethics, I decided to add a few more one-day lesson plans. And, they are off and running! These lessons address current social issues that EVERYONE can relate to! Check them out Right HERE!

Another community venture this year was to expand my photography collections. I invited some wonderful hiking-photographer peers to contribute their photos, and they were enthusiastic to help out the Pet Project! I chose from approximately 4000 photos and created a number of unique photo packages. They are currently only sold at my TeachersPayTeachers store. All contributors are acknowledged in the product previews. I anticipate adding more unique collections in the future.

Pinterest continues to get much of my attention, as it is my primary advertising platform for my products. I have added more boards to my Pinterest collection recently and continue to update with new themes. In addition, a new a pin scheduler also helps cut down my time in pinning my ebooks to boards. I am happy to relieve the time of this task, and this app will provide other promotion opportunities. Check out My Boards!
And feel free to send me a message to join one or two!

This month marks the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of Patty Ann’s Pet Project! What was once an inkling of a dream, is now a full blown passion project. My book sales have supported some wonderful animal sanctuaries and rescue groups over the last 3! years. Check out my Donation Recipients.

I hope this season brings a peaceful closure to your 2018 as we go forth to embark on yet another new year!

My Best to Each One of YOU in the NEW YEAR!

~ Patty Ann

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Photographers Collaborate with Patty Ann’s Pet Project!

This fall I invited several photographers to contribute their wonderful photographs to Patty Ann’s Pet Project collections, which are now hosted on TeachersPayTeachers for sale. These photographers eager to support the mission of my Pet Project generously opened up their photo collections. I was able to gleen off over 4,000+ photos -enough to bog down my computer memory! Since, have transferred all, and now work off an external drive. The last few weeks have been spent sorting, organizing, designing previews and covers, uploading- and promoting. And, there are still more photo collections to be made!

A BiG THANK YOU goes out to Beverly Kenney, Debbie Miller, Jim Wayman, Johnnie Kaye Montgomery and Ricardo Barrera. These awesome folks not only shared their stunning photos; but as animal lovers believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the Pet Project. This is a true community collaboration > connecting together to help animal welfare!

Here are some products that are now available. Stay tuned as more are in the works. Click on individual covers to access the previews and sales info.

(PS. ALL Photo Collections are ONLY sold at TeachersPayTeachers at this time.)




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Community > Connect > Collaborate!

My Pet Project’s  August Animal Campaign of Direct Donations & eBook Sale has Ended. A BiG THANK YOU goes out to Beverly Kenney for raising donations through her Facebook Birthday Donation.  AND a BiG *THANK YOU* to EVERYONE WHO DONATED via Bev’s Birthday AND/OR donated directly or bought eBooks! Truly this is a demonstration of my logo’s motto: Community * Connect * Collaborate!

Participants GIVING is was distributed to 4! VERY WORTHY rescue/rehab groups, Locally and afar! (Check out my Pet Project Recipients and Endorsement List at:

Sanctuary One, Applegate Valley Jacksonville, Oregon

Wildlife Images Rehab-Education Center, Merlin Oregon

Paw Posse Rescue-Rehab-Rehome Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Old Dog Haven, Lake Stevens, Washington

Check out Patty Ann’s Pet Project Group Page on Facebook!

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Do Your Teacher Lesson Products Crossover to Mainstream Reading Markets?

Does Your Product Genre(s) Crossover to Other Markets?

Teachers who produce education curricula know their niche markets. Why? Because teacher lesson plans reflect their expertise. Fortunately, (TpT) is an awesome outlet that caters to hosting a variety of instructional curricula.

As a teacher seller you might wonder if some of your ebooks have a wider audience appeal; namely, if they can crossover successfully into the mainstream marketplace. This article will help you to determine whether your education products, and/or YOU, should sell through other vendors.

For example, I write communication skills ebooks. Slanted for education, most employ activities and worksheets. However, many of my communication ebooks have done well on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other sites. On occasion changes to the content are made to adjust for generic readability. Take a look to see if you have products that can crossover to another venue. And if so, set up an account and try out a new sales opportunity!

If you are unsure about unleashing your product in another market—experiment! First and foremost, place your ebooks at compatible re-sellers. And, do select out teacher ebooks carefully. My noteworthy experience has proven mainstream readers are receptive to education books when they: 1) Address and solve a problem; 2) Fill a niche; or 3) Offer how-to-do-it info. Therefore, seek out ebook sites that support your genres.

My Self Publishing Journey is an Anomaly

It’s true! I write fiction and non-fiction stories. And, create teacher products. Plus, offer my-and others photography in collections. Quite a mixed bag. Initially, I didn’t research markets where my products might succeed. Curricula books simply flowed out of my brain with ease. An accrual from my years in education and corporate instructional environments. And, life experiences purged forth. The teacher in me loves to share. The process of creating is addicting. And the results rewarding. Consequently, my lineup reveals several distinct categories. The outcome is a variety now offered through a diverse range of ebook vendors.

My ebooks were selected for markets based on literary genre. To give an idea, as of this blog date, I have 111+/- individual ebook products. Approximately 87 are written specifically for education. And, 24 are aimed at mainstream readers. Yet, 32 of these are crossovers. Which means 32 can be placed at both teacher- and mainstream re-seller sites.

Cautions & Advice for Adding Vendors

If you are a teacher with successful sales on TpT, or another teacher vendor, be cautious about entering the generic reader markets. Admittedly, my author odyssey appears to have been arbitrary. As a writer I love to explore other composition styles. Yet while having fun doing so, I created an albatross to some extent.

So there are cautions to others embarking on this path. Namely, servicing different ebook stores creates lots more work for oneself. Every storefront is an additional site to maintain. Monitoring statistics, while revealing, is time demanding. When ebook content is changed, it needs modifying across all platforms. Catering to many sites is ambitious, one which can turn into an arduous task. Ongoing evaluation is vital to make a bookstore worth the time invested. There is no shame in closing an ebook store. It’s something I’ve done several times. Some reasons include:  1) If sales are minimal; 2) If genres do not fit a vendor’s market audience; 3) Vendor support is the FAQ’s page, very minimal response, or not at all; or  4) Effort to promote products does not merit your return on investment, aka ROI. 

Valuable Tidbits & Lessons Learned

 Do you ponder the option of expanding your market? Let my experience help you decide! 

1) First of all, test market a new vendor. Initially, only place a dozen of your top ebooks. It takes lots of time to upload products to new platforms. Of course you want your writing properly represented. So select from your best sellers and/or products that fit the vendor’s audience. Then, see how sales go for 6 months before making a decision whether to add more store products. You can also just sit tight and let your ebooks find their own natural sales and rankings for awhile. Then determine your next steps.

2) You may be approached and invited by start ups and lesser known hosting resellers to join their sites. I have participated in several. And with enthusiasm, went ahead and fully loaded up all ebooks that fit their genre. They never sold. Why? Because these sites, with good intention, did not have the resources behind them. Not every ebook reseller host is a success. This is why I advocate for #1 above. Only place a few books at a site until it proves its worth. 

3) Some well known resellers might not work in your best interest either. Who doesn’t love It’s a marketplace rich in creative diversity. I held an Etsy store for a few years. Sales were sporadic and slow. Many Etsy sellers do well because of their marketing efforts in- and outside of Etsy. I did not have the extra time to promote my books on Etsy. After three years I elected to close my Etsy ebook store. Truth was, at that time it was a relief not having to maintain another store site. Lesson here is: if you decide to open up an e-bookstore you must make the commitment to promote sales from that site if you want to see it succeed. Fact is, reseller sites only host your stores. It is up to store owners to peddle their own products. All this said, I may elect to open up my Etsy shop in the future. Why? Perhaps my creativity will spawn new products that would be more in line with Etsy artful themes. I always leave possibilities and options open!

Update! EAT MY WORDS! I decided to open up my Etsy shop again. Why? I created some artful items that I thought might fit into Etsy’s theme better. And, I figure one more place of exposure for my Pet Project does not hurt either. So check it out HERE!

4) Another item worth mentioning, is that all reseller communities are different. Some offer forums, some don’t. Support differs vastly between hosting websites. From support requests answered by a person, to being directed to a FAQs page. While ratings and feedback on one site can be generous, on others it may be sparse. Be prepared. Some sites have buyer reviews that can be rough in their ratings- and with their comments. If so, try not to be disenchanted.

Find Your Niche and Stick To IT

All this said, it really boils down to this advice: 1) What ebook market(s) you want to serve; 2) How much time you want to dedicate to each market and ebook store site; and 3) What reseller host do you prefer to be affiliated with. Of course, much is determined by the niche that fits your ebooks. 

My conclusion is that writing for education has been far more rewarding for me personally. Why? As a lifetime teacher it is easy to determine a target market precisely to a select audience based on my expertise. I have found that TeachersPayTeachers provide more support and acknowledgment on several levels. The assistance TpT support provides is on task and on target. They offer ongoing product and store promo opportunities for sellers. Teacher forums are chock full of help from peers; truly it’s a community of sharing. Weekly newsletters, periodic sales, plus more is offered to enable teacher-author-seller success. Additionally, buyer feedback and good ratings are commonplace on TpT, which is very unlike mainstream markets.

Nowadays my time is spent promoting my books on (TpT) along with my own website where my products are also sold. This choice evolved over time because of my niche markets- and for the amount of commission other resellers charge. While my ebooks are at other vendors such as Amazon and Smashwords (which acts as a porthole to other resellers), I don’t often promote my ebooks from these sites. Why? First, it comes down to time. Second, the amount of commissions charged. Particularly for Amazon with their policy of requiring author exclusivity; otherwise your ebooks are downgraded and commissions paltry. I leave my mainstream ebooks at other vendors to climb the ranks on their own merits. And, some have done surprisingly well without my promotional help.

There are many aspects and considerations involved when expanding your market. I hope these suggestions have provided you with some ideas and insight. Especially if you have- or are considering other ebook retail outlets. I would be glad to address any questions. Feel free to contact me!

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