Manifest It!

Simple Tips For Creating an Intentional Life…

Believe in Abundance
Abundance is everywhere and there is NO shortage. Do NOT believe what the media tells you about scarcity, which is based on FEAR.

What is it that you want? Be very specific with your desires. See it. Hear it. Be inside and become the creation you want to procure.

Set the Intention
Write your wants down so you can see them visually. Send your energy out with ease and believe that you can AND WILL create what you desire!

Clearing Beliefs
Clean up and clear out any negative self talk such as: I can’t . . . I don’t have . . . This is not possible …… the yucks in your gut feelings.

Turn this self talk into positives: I can . . . I am going to . . . It is possible . . . There are no limits…… the YES this feels good sensations!

Vibration > Most Important
Anything and everything that makes you happy or feels good raises your vibration.  Your personal vibration MUST be raised to springboard your manifestations.

Take Action
If you want a college degree or a new living arrangement, take steps to start the process. Action can involve a number of steps, or just one. Be attentive. Often opportunity knocks where you least expect it.

Be Grateful & Appreciate
Being grateful is being thankful and this state of mind raises your vibration. Appreciate the UNcondition of all things. Those that come natural. Those found in nature. Then watch and see what comes your way!

Be Gracious
Being gracious allows your energy to flow through your being which enables your requests. The more you are gracious, the more you will manifest. The universe is abundant because it keeps on expanding with your desires!

The beauty of manifestation is there is no limit. You can ask for as much as you want. Practice makes perfect. Now here’s the real kicker. YOU have been manifesting your whole life! But now you can do it on a conscious level. Use your innate talents and this knowledge to help guide your request. Good Luck is NOT needed! Good guidance is!

A more in depth explanation can be found in the book below.

Manifestation Maker