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Writer Burn Out? Get Your Mojo Back!

As a writer-author,
how do you know
when you are
on complete
burn out mode?

Here are 10 signs
that tell you
it’s time
for a break!

  • Apathy lurks along with zero focus.
  • Inspiration lacks — no ‘ah-ha’ ideas are flowing freely.
  • Your mind wanders away to far off places seeking refuge.
  • Once purposeful writing, now becomes a laborious chore.
  • Your blank brain stares without seeing (the computer screen).
  • That passion to harness words is replaced with messy edits.
  • Disenchanted, and wishing words to fly out of the keyboard.
  • A stuck imagination; affectionately known as ‘writer’s block’.
  • Not wanting to jump out of bed to capture a brilliant phrase.
  • Procrastination.

I am sure all you writers have some fabulous burn outs to add to this list!

How to Get Your Mojo Back
First and foremost, do not ignore the signs of burn out. You cannot barge ahead and expect to write with inspiration and exuberance. That in itself is a time waster. Your time is precious and it should be spent enjoying whatever you do! While you may perform amazingly under pressure and with deadlines for the short term, for the long term it’s a recipe for sabotaging your creative mind…and possibly your mental health.

Here are simple ideas for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

Take a break. Get off and away from your computer. Stay away from the Internet, and all social media. Just plain unplug.

Schedule time off. Limit how many hours per day you are immersed in writing. Take one day a week off and stay away from the computer- and put your cell phone on airplane mode. Schedule time off and stick to it. Refreshing time away will rebuild your brain power.

Do something different. Get outside and go for a walk. Play with your pet. Plant veggies in your garden. Do something pleasurable away from your work space. Revisit an enjoyment that is almost lost to the forgotten past. Put on rock n’ roll and dance out all your anxiety. Or become adventuresome. Experience something you have never done before.

Change your environment. Refresh yourself by escaping to a new surrounding. That’s what is so great about a vacation. The newness is stimulating and awakens our senses. However, you do not need to travel elsewhere to find inspiration. Instead, discover or try a specialty that is unique. For instance, you may not pamper yourself enough, or at all. So go get a massage, a pedicure or manicure. By the way, you do not need to spend money to change your environment. You can take a hike to uncover a new trail. Even explore a park or a waterfall you have never visited. And while you are at it, take along paints with some brushes, and a canvas to see if this incentive motivates you!

It is easy to get caught up in what we think is important business. Yet, taking extended breaks will allow perspectives to emerge. Airing out helps us to re-balance our priorities. Step back and allow some freedom to elevate your consciousness.

If all else fails, pull weeds. That is what I do. No kidding!

Doing something mundane, lets my to-busy brain rest, all while being a bit productive.
And the funny thing is, as I extract weeds, inspirational ideas begin to pour into my mind. So, now I begin my days by pulling weeds. It must be the dirt. It grounds my soul to nature. And ignites my magic mojo once more.

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