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Cancer is BiG Business

Cancer IS Avoidable.

It is Unthinkable, but
The Sad Fact is Humans
Are Killing Humanity.

Greedy Corporate Agendas
Are ALLOWED to Operate
with NO Repercussions.
They KNOW they are
Selling Cancer Products
People along with Animals
Our Vegitation, and OUR PLANET.

Stores sell a plethora of cancer products without thought. I try to avoid such stores. Unfortunately the BIG resellers dominant the mom and pop shops who were forced out of business.

Many products have a WARNING in tiny type, which is overshadowed by great graphics. Words that spout ‘All Natural’ and other such misleading truths contradict. Some products only have warnings inside their packaging, seen after you purchase it. Consumers are unindated and numbed by packaging wordage that even if a warning is present it gets overlooked.

Most foods, particularly meat and dairy – animal products are a mine field of potential cancer. Animals and their by products are stuffed with hormones, fillers, and awful nonsense for the resale market. While some animals are treated humanely on the feedlots; the real nightmare occurs during processing. From adding hormones, to water, to phony coloring to make more weight and color enhanced to attract buyers. Do some research. You probably will think again about eating most of what the grocery stores sell.

Now if you are a vegan or vegetarian who eats mostly veggies, fruits and grains…while this is an excellent step for health, unless you grow it yourself you do not know what it is sprayed with- where it came from- the many germ hands that handled it- on the way to your plate. The water inside apples and orange can, often is contaminated.

Being affected by- having cancer does this to a person. When it is YOU that carries a cancer that was caused by our environment (aka other humans), it is a humbling moment. People who use Roundup ignorantly continue to spray to kill weeds. Where do you think that killer goes? Into our ground aquifers poisoning our wells. All for a perfect lawn filled with pesticides that our children play on. It is nonsensical idiocy. Let the damn weeds grow! The bees will comeback. The soil will re-habituate. And the many trees and plants will too. Given time and rest.

Do you read labels? If you cannot understand the words in the ingredients – you should not be consuming it! If it has a warning and says it is KNOWN to cause cancer AVOID it. States like CA put this warning on everything. I bought a padlock made out of metal. CA’s warning that it causes cancer was laughable. This over use and abuse of labeling is insidious and disgusting. It is difficult to know- what to believe- or who to believe.

When I first entered the Hospital campus strung with oncology buildings it really disgusted me. Cancer is BIG business. Much is avoidable if people were to stop being complacent and educate themselves to the facts. One out of 8 woman now have breast cancer. One of 4 men get prostrate cancer. The numbers are phenomenal. While they can pinpoint the type of cancer you have, they cannot come up with a simple blood test to detect cancer. That is pre-historic. For crying out loud, a Covid vaccine was manifested within months to respond to that epidemic. Cancer is no less of one. For as much that is known; we still don’t know what we don’t know. it is unfortunate we are a society built on reactions. Not pro-activity for prevention. Although food cures are known, they are not promoted. So, thank God for YouTube.

Doctors are in the business of eradicating the cancer within you. However, they will admit to knowing cancer producers are in our foods and environment. It is up to us, the private individuals that are the ones to shout out about prevention. Bring light to this insidious darkness. Every one of us can elect where to spend our dollars and what we decide is worthy for consumption. WE have the power. Each of us banded together can kick the cancer producing companies over. Only with proactive choices on all our parts, will big industries crumple as most should.

Big business knows what they are doing. Retailers know what they shouldn’t be selling. I implore Walmart, Safeway, Amazon and the many others to grow a conscious. Be the front-runners to start a trend for the health of our future generations. Take down all cancer-causing agents. I now avoid stores who blatantly display Roundup and other CANCER products. They do not deserve to have my hard-earned money in exchange for giving me cancer.

Please think twice about the lawn chemicals you use. Most all are toxic. To our water aquifers. To our children. To our pets. To our earth. Humans cannot self-regulate this damage even when they know better. Humans rationalize that cancer won’t happen to them. Meanwhile companies are not held accountable and continue marketing caustic products. Greed has no limits.

However, You and I as individuals are powerful. We can elect to NOT buy toxic products. Although I’ve known-seen this greed for years, it took me getting cancer to voice my public opinion here. One by one, each speaking up, we can turn our world around.

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