Refund Policy

Due to the instant download at purchase, all e-books and products are non-refundable.
Please make sure to check your orders over before submitting your payment.
Some common questions are covered below.

How do I re-access my ebooks after I purchase them?
Important! Keep your original email receipt. It contains your downloads. If you misplace your email CONTACT Send your name, approximate date of purchase and items bought. Your purchase will be verified and resent to your email on record at the time of purchase.

Why doesn’t have customer accounts set up? wants to keep it simple, easy and fast for customers to purchase without remembering another password for another account. Customers can shop, pay and get their download instantly with fewer clicks.

My order did not download properly on my device. Can I get a refund?
Please CONTACT! Send along your original email receipt; or the order number, and items purchased, so your order can be verified. All items will be sent directly to your email address as attachments.

I accidentally ordered 2 of the same ebook instead of 1. Can I have a refund on the second ebook?
Unfortunately the payment processor for has fees on all transactions; refunds included. Therefore, it can cost more than your original order to refund! What can be done, in rare cases, is to give customers credit for future purchases using a discount coupon code. The best option is to check your orders over before submitting!

I forgot to use my promo/discount code when ordering. Can I receive that money back?
Promos and/or discounts are only applied to transactions at the time of purchase. Coupon discounts are not a refundable item.

I bought your books on another site, but cannot find where I filed the downloads. Can send me those ebooks again?
If you bought a ebook through an affiliated resellers you will have created an account there. Check back with that reseller site. All customer purchases are listed in their accounts. And, typically all sites give unlimited downloads to past purchases. Please note: cannot verify customer purchases on affiliated reseller sites.

Can verify my purchase made on Apple?
No. cannot verify who purchased what product on any reseller site, (except on TeachersPayTeachers). uses many intermediate resellers who only provide the names of the ebook(s) and date(s) sold.

I bought an epub book from one of your resellers. Now I see that sells this book in PDF format. Can you send me the PDF?
Orders bought through affiliated resellers cannot be verified. Therefore, NO PDFs are sent to replace epub, or other formats, sold elsewhere. Check with the website where you purchased. Many have download options provided in other formats including PDF.

If you have a question about refunds or have issues with orders please CONTACT Typical response time is within 24 hours.