Write Words That Work



Writing emails and letters can be fun, informative, challenging and sometimes difficult to compose! Writing an email is your messenger. Your words can bring solutions, awareness, or offer suggestions or a resolve.

The power of the written word serves as a point of reference. It states facts, and documents information. Let every email—or letter count. Learn why every word in every sentence must mean what you intend it to say. Most important, set the intentional outcome of your letter to be proactive and procure results that are satisfying.

NOTE: This resource is both a LESSON PLAN and REFERENCE GUIDE!

This workbook provides instant words that are letter and email friendly and appropriate for a variety of situational uses.

Letter Writing Learning Objectives:

  • Discern appropriate word uses in letter composition
  • Understand types of correspondences
  • Integrate the purposeful intent of words
  • Examine word functions in letter structure
  • Learn what words work best and where!

Practical Reference Guide Applications:

  • Apply and practice writing words/phrases with worksheet prompts
  • Use word lists for future letter and email correspondences
  • Easy word list look up! Use as a Reference Guide!

Teacher Benefits:

  • NO Prep, Ready Made Worksheets
  • Independent Self Study or Guided Instruction
  • Facilitates Proactive Group Discussions
  • Easy Word Lists and Writing Prompts Activity

Size: 16 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF