What Happens in VEGAS!


Does What Happen In Las Vegas Always Stay There? OF COURSE NOT!

Vegas is a popular expression for going somewhere (potential) unethical conduct can occur. So in Vegas style, presented here are 10 Exercises to Evaluate AND Ponder:

  • Ethical, Moral, and Responsible Decision Making
  • Social Responsibility in Awkward Situations
  • Character Analysis and Behavior Traits
  • Boundary Setting for Relationships
  • Situational Self Regulation

Scenarios are common, to not-so-common, yet all dilemmas have unique challenges to consider for making decisions. Emphasis is on following choices and options that lead to consequences. These 10 Situations will keep your class engaged, and debating moral arguments for matters they MAY encounter some day.

Popular Uses Include:

  • Good Citizen Behavior
  • Problem – Situation – Resolution
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Conduct and Leadership Development
  • Character Development: Morality & Assessment
  • Social Studies: Peer Pressure vs. Ethical Values

Size: 13 Pages / Format: PDF