Website Basics Lessons

A great introduction to website construction. Use as a complete curriculum- or as a supplemental educational aid. Lessons are generic and can be used on a PC or a Mac. Packed with lesson activities! This is a full semester’s worth of curricula. This is a NO PREP, EASY lesson plan for understanding “Website Basics” !

– Designed in outline format.
– Large type size. Great for overhead presenting.
– Modular Lessons: Mix & Match!

Highlights Include:

  • Learn basic HTML codes
  • Notepad to construct a website
  • Web terminology
  • Page design and re-designs
  • Create a personal website
  • Story boarding
  • Project planning with charters
  • Create tables, lists, links + more
  • Browsers, domains and web hosting
  • JavaScript & Cascading Style Sheets

Comes with:

  • Self Guided Lessons
  • Teachers Grading Rubrics Criteria
  • Student and Peer Evaluations
  • Empty Rubric Templates

Size: 50 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF