Uniquely Your Diversity!


Show & Tell How Fabulous You ARE!
You are gifted and diverse. No one is just like you!
Assess yourself in this guide and take ownership of who you are!

Awareness Objectives:

  1. Recognize Brands are Sustained by a Reputation
  2. Discern Why Business Brands Succeed
  3. Realize You Acquire Your Brand aka Your Reputation
  4. Examine Why Reputations Create Brand Appeal
  5. Discover How Your Reputation Defines You
  6. Know Thoughts Can Change What You Say & Do
  7. Observe Behavior Modifications Change Reputations
  8. Understand Choices Come with Consequences!

Suggested Uses for this Lesson:

  • Opening Class Task
  • Group Discussion Starters
  • Student Character Feedback
  • Prompts Values Assessment
  • Integrate into Ethics-Morality Lessons

Growth Mindset!

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Esteem Builder
  • Self Worth Actualization
  • Honors Choices for Lifestyles
  • Encourages Responsive Ownership of Self

Helps Teachers and Staff to:

  • Gage Student Self Worth
  • Evaluate Student Self Esteem
  • Determine Students Attitude About Self
  • Serves as a Benchmark to Aid-Assist Student Growth

Size: 19 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF