Turn Your Passion into Your Purpose



Turn Passion into Purpose is a unique guide geared for teens through adults. Whether you are just starting out, or reinventing a career path, these timeless topics are easy to understand. Reading format is full of contemporary tips. Designed as a quick reference guide. Yet, full of activities, discussions, assessments & worksheets.

Highlights Include:

  • Job Hunting Tips
  • All About Job Applications
  • Work History and Personal Bios
  • Perceptions: Yours versus Your Recruiters!
  • Job Interview Guidelines + Lists of Dos & Don’ts
  • Drug Testing Procedures and Background Checks
  • Proactive Termination Guidelines
  • Open Yourself to Job Opportunity
  • Find Your Career Path with 5 Self Assessments

Curricula and Teacher Benefits Offer:

  • Assessments and/or Worksheets for Every Topic
  • No-Prep Teacher Taught or Self-Guided
  • Topics in Modules: Use in Any Order
  • Unique Topics for Employment Discussions
  • Completely Revealing Criminal Background Charts
  • Comprehensive, Succinct Outline Format
  • Use as Assignments, Discussion Starters, Group Activities

Size: 69 Pages / Format: PDF