Thumbnail Sketches


THUMBNAIL SKETCHES are Essential for Brainstorming ALL Projects. Why? Here are the Benefits…

  • A Timely Effective Quick Tool for Showing Visuals.
  • Practical and Cost Effective, Saves Time.
  • Sketch Ideas Quickly. A Pencil and Napkin Works!
  • For Print, and Media Layout Designs,  for any Concept.

  • Thumbnail Formats  is an Instructive Overview.
  • Fundamental Skill for Graphics, Arts, and Business.
  • This PDF can be Used as a Slideshow or as Handouts.
  • An Introductory Resource and Includes Activities.

Highlight Topics Include:

  • The Function and Purpose of Thumbnail Pictures
  • The Importance of Artistic Renderings
  • How to Create a Thumbnail Illustration
  • Lots of Examples and Activities

Size: 22 Pages /  Format: PDF