Perception Checks Help Clarify


Our World Becomes Divided when Labels and Stereotypes are Assigned to Everyone. And We Misinterpret, then Jump to Conclusions about People’s Behaviors when We DO NOT KNOW ALL THE FACTS! Let this guide help you to understand and clarify other’s behaviors. By using a simple technique called the “Perception Check” you can take the mystery out of confusing situations and find truth!

Misunderstandings in Relationships are Often Caused by:

  • Misinterpretation of another person’s behavior
  • Confusion or misjudgment
  • Poor oral communication skills
  • Our perception and viewpoint from our understanding

The World Through Your Perception will help you…

  • Examine and Define “Perception”
  • Identify others’ intentions behind their behaviors
  • Enable you to perceive and understand others’ intentions
  • Employ “Perception Checks” to clarify misunderstandings
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills by Analyzing Situations

Workbook Includes:

  • Guided Instruction Worksheets
  • Tips, Suggestions & Pointers aplenty
  • This a No-Prep Ready Made Guidebook
  • Exercises for Handouts, Homework, or Knowledge Checks

Suggested Uses:

  • For Independent or Group Study and Discussions
  • Great Icebreaker for Oral Communication Classes
  • Teach “Perception Checks” to Stop Peer/Group Confusion

Size: 13 Pages / Format: PDF