The 3-Point Layout


Problem: You Have Never Designed a Flyer Before- and It’s Needed by 5pm!

No Problem! The Solution is the 3-POINT LAYOUT Guide.
No Prep Templates Work for ALL Media Formats.
It’s EASY, FAST and Efficient!

Great product for beginners. Fantastic reminder for seasoned designers. Design your brochures, posters and flyers in no time with this simple technique. Look at what this product teaches you how to do:

Resource Highlights:

  1. * Defines the 3-Point Layout and how to use it.
  2. * Proper placement for type and graphics.
  3. * Where to place emphasis for media marketing.
  4. * Why fonts and size matter in visuals.
  5. * Where and how color fits in your design.
  6. * Templates show the flexibility of formats.
  7. * A BOLD instructional guide step-by-step!


  • Easy to understand layout design, and Includes Blank Templates.
  • It’s Flexible! Use for your class prep, business cards or announcements.
  • Teach Graphic Arts assignment with ease and confidence.

Size: 20 Pages / Format: PDF