Soul Self @ THOUGHTS


Book 3 is About THOUGHTS – Topics Include:

  • Recurring Thought Patterns
  • Creating and Manifesting Thoughts
  • Using Thoughts to Examine Thoughts
  • Thought Identification and Discernment
  • Change Learned Behaviors with Thoughts
  • Topics to Enrich, Engage and Expand AWARENESS!

The Soul Self Series was created to nurture awareness in oneself through self discovery and exploration. This is a non-denominational guidebook series, and devoted to nurturing CRITICAL THINKING skills and reflections thereto. 

Book Design
  • Every title is a stand alone book.
  • Each book can be read in any order.
  • All books follow a familiar, easy to use format.
 Intentionally Created
  • Concise content for bite-size topics to consider.
  • No wrong answers! Explore possibilities!
  • Information is non-biased and objective.
  • Speculative ponderings encourage engagement.
  • Thought provoking for enrichment and expansion.
For Individuals & Groups
  • Separate individual and group Q&A pages.
  • Self- or independent study journal pages.
  • Small group activity handouts.
  • Use for whole class discussions.
  • Larger type format for overhead presentations.
  • Self reflection- & blank pages for creating your own.
  • All Q&A pages are in black/white to conserve ink. 

Size: 22 Pages / 4 MB / Format: PDF