Soul Self @ EMOTIONs


Are You Aware That Thoughts Form Your Character Traits and Behaviors?
Critical thinking development for growth mindset expands you intellectually and emotionally. Therefore, insightful messages in this guide examine new thought around how thoughts create feelings and emotions. And, this awareness is the key to self regulation. This journal prompts you to reflect, question, and ponder your understanding of how thoughts rule your behavior through your feelings and emotions. Book 5 is about YOUR feelings and emotions being an active extension of your thoughts.

Topics Include:

  • Recognize Emotions Stem from Feelings
  • Evaluate Emotions Caused by Feelings
  • Identify Emotions that Link Back to Thoughts
  • Relieve Trauma by Recognizing Triggers
  • 5 Step Actions for Emotional Reconciliation
  • Social Emotional Learning Connections
  • Enrich, Engage and Expand Self Awareness

NOTE: Workbook 5 is Available in Paperback at Amazon!

The Soul Self Series are Journal-Guides for making CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS while developing Critical Thinking skills. Additionally, they were created to nurture awareness in oneself through self discovery, reflection and exploration. This is a non-denominational guidebook series that is appropriate for groups and individuals seeking clarity on timeless topics.

Book Design

  • Every guide is a stand alone topic.
  • Books can be used in any order.
  • All books follow a familiar, easy to use format.

Intentionally Created

  • Concise content for bite-size topics to consider.
  • No wrong answers! Encourages exploration!
  • Information is non-biased and objectively stated.
  • Thought provoking for enrichment and expansion.

For Individuals & Groups

  • Separate individual and group Q&A pages.
  • Self- study reflection and journal pages.
  • Group activity handouts or class discussions.
  • Large type styles for presenting over-head.
  • All Q&A pages are in black/white to conserve ink.

Size: 28 Pages / Format: PDF