Soul Self Books #1-10

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Book 1 is About YOU – Topics Include:

  • Your SOUL SELF
  • Consciousness and the Collect Conscious
  • Thinking, Acting and Being Conscientious
  • Enrich, Engage and Expand AWARENESS!

Book 2 is About INTUITION – Topics Include:

  • INTUITION – Recognition, Nurturing, and Developing
  • The Types of Intuitions
  • Listening and Encouraging Intuition
  • The Signs of Intuitive Awareness

Book 3 is About THOUGHTS – Topics Include:

  • Recurring Thought Patterns
  • Creating and Manifesting Thoughts
  • Using Thoughts to Examine Thoughts
  • Thought Identification and Discernment
  • Change Learned Behaviors with Thoughts

Book 4 is About ANIMALS – Topics Include:

  • Animal Souls and Consciousness
  • Contributions to Humanity
  • Their Uniqueness and Purpose
  • Exploitation and Care-taking

Book 5 is About EMOTIONS – Topics Include:

  • Recognize Emotions Stem from Feelings
  • Identify and Link Emotions to Thoughts
  • Evaluate Thoughts to Change Perceptions
  • Relieve Trauma by Recognizing Triggers
  • 5 Step Actions for Emotional Reconciliation

Book 6 is About EGO- Topics Include:

  • Ego and Self Identification
  • Ego Attachment Related to Time
  • Using Thought to Transcend the Ego
  • Ego vs. Mental Emotional Well Being
  • Soul Consciousness of Ego’s Role
  • Ego is NOT Your Self Worth
  • Enrich, Engage and Expand AWARENESS!

Book 7 is About DREAMS- Topics Include:

  • Dream Consciousness Awareness
  • Lucid Dreams and Messages
  • Why Dreams are Abstract
  • Purpose of Dreams
  • Dream Journals

Book 8 is About INTENTION- Topics Include:

  • The Purpose of INTENTION
  • Consciousness of Intention
  • Desire, Thoughts and Clarity
  • Intention Based in Love or Fear
  • Manifesting an Intention Step-by-Step

Book 9 is About LANGUAGE- Topics Include:

  • The Intention of Language
  • Your Spirit Speaks Through Body Language
  • The Language of Love
  • Animals Talk and Earth Expressions
  • The Language of Songs and Words

Book 10 is About BELIEFS- Topics Include:

  • The Origin of BELIEFS
  • Beliefs and Our Thinking Mind
  • Why We Need to Believe
  • How Beliefs Evolve and Mature
  • When Beliefs Need to Change
  • Perspective and Perception
  • The Power of Believing in Beliefs

These Journal-Guides are for making CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS while developing Critical Thinking skills. Additionally, they were created to nurture awareness in oneself through self discovery, reflection and exploration. This is a non-denominational guidebook series that is appropriate for classrooms and for individual independent study.

Thank You & Enjoy!

Size: 235 Pages / 30 MB / Format: PDF ZIP FILE