Soul Self Books #1-10


Self Awareness is Key to this Bundle of Essentials that Guide Our Lives.
These workbook journals are a gift of insight to help you reflect, question, and ponder vital subjects as Consciousness, Intuition, Thoughts, Emotions, Animals, Ego, Dreams, Intention, Language, and Beliefs. Expand yourself intellectually. Examine your beliefs. Connect to thought provoking ideas. And, spark your imagination about your identity and self worth. You deserve the best possible path to self success. Let this bundle of 10 guides help you grow and prosper!

NOTE: ALL 10 Workbooks are Available in 1 Paperback HERE.


Book 1 is About YOU – Topics Include:

  • Your SOUL SELF
  • Consciousness and the Collect Conscious
  • Thinking, Acting and Being Conscientious
  • Enrich, Engage and Expand AWARENESS!

Book 2 is About INTUITION – Topics Include:

  • INTUITION – Recognize, Nurture, Develop
  • The Types of Intuitions
  • Listening and Encouraging Intuition
  • The Signs of Intuitive Awareness

Book 3 is About THOUGHTS – Topics Include:

  • Recurring Thought Patterns
  • Creating and Manifesting Thoughts
  • Using Thoughts to Examine Thoughts
  • Thought Identification and Discernment
  • Change Learned Behaviors with Thoughts

Book 4 is About ANIMALS – Topics Include:

  • Animal Souls and Consciousness
  • Contributions to Humanity
  • Their Uniqueness and Purpose
  • Exploitation and Care-taking

Book 5 is About EMOTIONS – Topics Include:

  • Recognize Emotions Stem from Feelings
  • Identify and Link Emotions to Thoughts
  • Evaluate Thoughts to Change Perceptions
  • Relieve Trauma by Recognizing Triggers
  • 5 Step Actions for Emotional Reconciliation

Book 6 is About EGO- Topics Include:

  • Ego and Self Identification
  • Ego Attachment Related to Time
  • Using Thought to Transcend the Ego
  • Ego vs. Mental Emotional Well Being
  • Soul Consciousness of Ego’s Role
  • Ego is NOT Your Self Worth
  • Enrich, Engage and Expand AWARENESS!

Book 7 is About DREAMS- Topics Include:

  • Dream Consciousness Awareness
  • Lucid Dreams and Messages
  • Why Dreams are Abstract
  • Purpose of Dreams
  • Dream Journals

Book 8 is About INTENTION- Topics Include:

  • The Purpose of INTENTION
  • Consciousness of Intention
  • Desire, Thoughts and Clarity
  • Intention Based in Love or Fear
  • Manifesting an Intention Step-by-Step

Book 9 is About LANGUAGE- Topics Include:

  • The Intention of Language
  • Spirit Speaks Through Body Language
  • The Language of Love
  • Animals Talk and Earth Expressions
  • The Language of Songs and Words

Book 10 is About BELIEFS- Topics Include:

  • The Origin of BELIEFS
  • Beliefs and Our Thinking Mind
  • Why We Need to Believe
  • How Beliefs Evolve and Mature
  • When Beliefs Need to Change
  • Perspective and Perception
  • The Power of Believing in Beliefs

Size: 255 Pages / Format: PDF