Soul Self @ BELIEFS


Belief is YOU Can Move Mountains, and Remove Obstacles.
This writing journal is designed to reflect and question the validity of your beliefs, and how they impact every avenue of your life. Offered is a critical thinking workbook for expanding your self awareness and emotional intelligence. This guide will encourage your curiosity about the origin of your beliefs, and why we get attached to our mindset. And, most important: how to let go of ideology that no longer serves our soul self path.

Book 10 is About BELIEFS – Topics Include:

  • The Origin of BELIEFS
  • Beliefs and Our Thinking Mind
  • Why We Need to Believe
  • How Beliefs Evolve and Mature
  • When Beliefs Need to Change
  • Perspective and Perception
  • The Power of Believing in Beliefs
  • Enrich, Engage and Expand Self Awareness

NOTE: This Workbook is Available in Print as a Paperback HERE.

The Soul Self Series are Journal-Guides for making CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS while developing Critical Thinking skills. Additionally, they were created to nurture awareness in oneself through self discovery, reflection and exploration. This is a non-denominational guidebook series that is appropriate for groups and individuals seeking clarity on timeless topics.

Book Design

  • Every guide is a stand alone topic.
  • Books can be used in any order.
  • All books follow a familiar, easy to use format.

Intentionally Created

  • Concise content for bite-size topics to consider.
  • No wrong answers! Encourages exploration!
  • Information is non-biased and objectively stated.
  • Thought provoking for enrichment and expansion.

For Individuals & Groups

  • Separate individual and group Q&A pages.
  • Self- study reflection and journal pages.
  • Group activity handouts or class discussions.
  • Large type styles for presenting over-head.
  • All Q&A pages are in black/white to conserve ink.

Size: 29 Pages / Format: PDF