Soul Self @ ANIMALS


This workbook journal is designed to reflect, question, and thoughtfully ponder animals and their role on this planet. Critical thinking development is a growth mindset for expanding ourselves intellectually. Thus, insightful passages in this guide will provoke your curiosity about our domesticated pets, and wildlife, and their contribution to humanity. Explore the innate nature of animals, and their gift of sharing their selfless soul selves.

Book 4 is About Animal Consciousness!
Topics Include:

  • Animal Souls and Consciousness
  • Contributions to Humanity
  • Their Uniqueness and Purpose
  • Exploitation and Care-taking
  • Topics to Enrich, Engage and Expand Your Self Awareness!

NOTE: Book 4 is Available as a Paperback Book at Amazon!

The Soul Self Series was created to nurture awareness in oneself through self discovery and exploration. This is a non-denominational guidebook series, and devoted to nurturing CRITICAL THINKING skills and reflections thereto. 

Book Design
  • Every title is a stand alone book.
  • Each book can be read in any order.
  • All books follow a familiar, easy to use format.
 Intentionally Created
  • Concise content for bite-size topics to consider.
  • No wrong answers! Explore possibilities!
  • Information is non-biased and objective.
  • Speculative pondering encourage engagement.
  • Thought provoking for enrichment and expansion.
For Individuals & Groups
  • Separate individual and group Q&A pages.
  • Self- or independent study journal pages.
  • Small group activity handouts.
  • Use for whole class discussions.
  • Larger type format for overhead presentations.
  • Self reflection- & blank pages for creating your own.
  • All Q&A pages are in black/white to conserve ink. 

Size: 28 Pages / Format: PDF