Social Media Reporting


3 Social Media Activities to Develop Critical Thinking!

  • Keep student focused for your class period.
  • Immerse participants in relevant ethics assignments.

Objectives and Highlights:

  • Define ALL Types of Social Media Platforms.
  • Analyze and Critique Between Truth or Anecdote Bias.
  • Create Awareness for Responsible Reporting.
  • Demonstrate How to Discern and Scrutinize Reports.
  • Check List to Determine Authentic Publishing.
  • Activities to Prove Legitimate Social Media Posts.

Teacher/Facilitator Benefits:

  • No-Prep Printable to Use Right Now!
  • Individual Self-Guided and/or Group Activity
  • Assignments Can Be Used Independent of Each Other
  • Self Explanatory and Easy to Understand

Fun, engaging conclusion based task!
Encourages scrutiny for media information sources.

Size: 9 Pages / Format: PDF