Painted Horses Set of 2

All artwork images are Patty Ann ORIGINALS!
“Heaven Horses” are 2 different yet complementary pieces sketched in pastels on fabric cloth mounted on a wood frame. The paintings were inspired by Patty Ann’s early childhood dreams of owning a horse while sky gazing.

Suggested Graphic Arts Uses Include:
Greeting cards *Calendars *Posters *Flyers *Story telling
*For personal or professional print only uses

Buy with confidence because your purchase grants you full permission to reproduce Patty Ann’s artwork art free of hindrance for project use. NO resales on artwork as represented as your own. Reasonable Terms of Use enclosed.

What’s Included:

  • Original sizes are approximately 2400×780 pixels
  • In 300 DPI and 2 formats: JPEG and PNG
  • Comes at 100% and at 50% (8 downloads)
  • Resizeable to suit your needs
  • Digital Download = 12 MB
  • Terms of Use, PDF Enclosed
  • All are Watermark Free

Thank YOU & Enjoy!