Say YES to Boundary Setting



Saying “NO” is a Must-Have Skill for EVERYONE!
Say “NO” and Say YES to Boundary Setting!

  • Become mindful of personal boundaries.
  • Awareness to communication behaviors.
  • Build confidence when saying “NO” or “No more”.
  • Fine tune communication when saying “NO”.
  • Appreciate-respect others, even when you say “NO”.
  • Discern and set boundaries for your comfort zone.


  1. There are Many Ways to Say “NO”!
  2. Saying “NO” Through Actions
  3. It’s Good to Say “NO” When You Are…
  4. Why Others Want You to Say “YES”
  5. Saying “NO” Positively and Politely
  6. When “No” Means “NO”
  7. Saying “NO” Takes Practice!
  8. Boundary Setting Worksheets

Size: 1 MB / 13 Pages/ Format: PDF