Resume – Editable


You Just Received a Call to Come to a Job Interview Today! And, you do NOT have a resume on hand to land this job. This IMMEDIATE SOLUTION is this Simple, Quick and Easy Resume Template!

Just replace the type with your data, copy it, and go get that job! This is a one page resume that employers love! Why? Because they do not have the time to read anything over 3 minutes! And this resume fits their needs. All you have to do is impress them with your interview presentation!

This Great Starter Resume has Cost Effective Advantages:

  • Fully formatted EDITABLE Word doc
  • Save time ~ convenient to fill out
  • Generic Outline – just fill in the blanks!
  • Resume incorporates ALL employment highlights:

* Career objective * Areas of expertise & skill sets
* Work history, education, references, plus more. Examples of successful job winning resumes!

Employers love this straight forward resume outline. It is easy to follow- and fits their one minute time frame for resume reviews.

So don’t miss out on that job you want because you lacked a resume! There is no excuse with this Resume Template at your fingertips!

Size: 8 Pages / 2.1 MB / Format: WORD DOC