Respond or React?



Learn How to Self Regulate Your Behavior!
> Obtain Successful Outcomes
> Have Healthy Interactions
> Communicate with Clarity
This Guide Will Show You the Step-Actions!

Learning Objectives

  • Develop Self Regulation Awareness
  • Recognize Responder-Reactor Traits
  • Evaluate Situational Response or Reaction
  • Understand How Thoughts Rule Behaviors
  • Discern Between Emotions and Feelings
  • Learn Proactive Response Techniques
  • Manage Successful Behavior Outcomes

Chapter Topics

  • Are You Responding or Reacting?
  • Pause and Feel Your Emotions
  • Connect Feelings to Understand Your Thoughts
  • Reaction Awareness: Productive and Effective


  • Evaluate Personal Response and the Outcomes
  • Evaluate Personal Reaction and the Results
  • Evaluate! Situational Response or Reaction
  • Knowledge Assessment – What Did You Just Learn?

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