Real Estate DIY Buyer or Hire a Realtor?



ARE YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BUY A HOME ON YOUR OWN? Or, you have wondered if being your own buying agent is worth it?

This guide not only teaches the home buying stages, but helps you evaluate and decide if you want to be your own DIY purchasing agent.

Q&A Surveys Help You Find Out If …

  1. You’re prepared to learn the steps to buy your home
  2. You have a proactive can-do personality to follow through
  3. You have the time to dedicate to be your own agent
  4. You can commit to doing the tasks and all follow up

This Guide Instills Confidence (Even if a Novice):

  1. Yes, you can and should learn the steps to be knowledgeable
  2. Yes, you can do the tasks if you like to take-charge for the outcomes
  3. Yes, you can eliminate the commission and save thousands of dollars

Ultimately You Get Clarity:

  1. If you want to be your own agent, or hire one
  2. If you have the time commitment to do so
  3. If you fit the agent role, or want to become one
  4. If saving the Realtor’s commission versus your time is worth it

Both Guides Benefit Sellers and Realtors:

  • > Workbooks are EASY to Read and Understand
  • > Self Assessments are to the Point and Practical
  • > Provides Unbiased, Credible Expertise

Who Needs this Real Estate Guide?

  • Home buyers deciding whether to employ a Buyers Agent.
  • Those considering a career as a Real Estate Agent.
  • Realtors who need this guide to educate clients to an agent’s role.
  • Individuals who desire to independently buy real estate on their own.


  1. Step-by-Step Instructions for Realtors and Home Buyers
  2. Critique and Evaluate Buyer Agent Options
  3. Lesson Assessments Enables Quick Decision for Readers
  4. NO Prior Real Estate Experience Necessary > You Can Learn!

CRITICAL THINKING Development For Realty Practices!

  • Business Ethics and Best Practices
  • Decision Making and Choice-Consequence
  • Behavior and Skills Assessments with Review
  • Realtor Ethics, Conduct and Accountability

Intentionally Designed to

  • Encourage Awareness and Exploration for Realty Options
  • Gives Practical and Proactive Knowledge to be Effective

Self Study or Group Activity Discussions:

  • Q&As, Behavioral and Skill-set Assessments
  • Printable Workbook Pages in PDF

Patty Ann has extensive Real Estate experience as a FSBO Seller, Private Buyer, and was a Licensed Real Estate Agent. These guides present all options without bias, to help Realtors, Buyers and Sellers decide what path best suits their needs and lifestyle.

Size: 48 Pages / Format: PDF