Real Estate DIY Buyer or Hire a Realtor?


6 Quizzes to Determine Whether To Hire a Realtor or Not!

This Guide is for…

  • Home buyers trying to decide if a they should employ a Buyer’s Agent, or go the DIY route.
  • Those considering a career  as a Buyer’s Agent.
  • Realtors who need this guide to help educate their clients to a Buyer’s Agent role.
  • Individuals who want to independently purchase their own home.

Guide Includes:

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions for Realtors and Buyers
  2. Critique and Evaluate Buying Agent Options
  3. Lessons Enable Quick Decision for Readers
  4. NO Prior Experience Necessary > EASY to Understand!

Critical Thinking Development For Realty Practices!

  • Business Ethics and Best Practices
  • Decision Making and Choice-Consequence
  • Behavior & Skills Assessments with Review
  • Realtor Ethics, Conduct and Accountability

Intentionally Designed to…

  • Awareness and Exploration for the DIY Person
  • Provide Practical and Proactive Knowledge

Self Study or Group Activity Discussions:

  • Q&As, Behavioral & Skill-set Assessments
  • Printable Workbook Pages in PDF

Size: 48 Pages / Format: PDF