Create a Project Charter


A PROJECT CHARTER is a Road Map for the Success of a Business Outcome. Learning to Create a Project Timeline is Essential Because:

  • Teams require organization and a Project Charter provides structure.
  • Job tasks need to be assigned, and that is delegated in this outline.
  • Budgeting money must be allocated, and this format helps manage costs.
  • Tasks require timelines which are critical for deadlines.

– Learn How to Make a Project Charter Easily!
– This Presentation Shows How Step-by-Step.
– Template Examples. Student and Team Activities.

Topics Include:

  • Why Project Charters are Essential
  • What Types of Resources are Needed
  • How Resources are Allocated
  • Why Project Organization is Key
  • Project Charter Formats and Templates
  • What Task Topics are Included in a Project Charter

Is there a Difference Between a Project Charter and a Project Plan? YES! A Project Charter is a high-level initial document that is no more than 2 pages. This outline lists the project objectives, scope, vision, team and their responsibilities, and stakeholders. A Project Plan is a detailed document that describes how to accomplish the project objectives and may incorporate detailed step-actions.

Note: This resource only focuses on the Project Charter.

Size: 20 Pages /  Format: PDF