Paraphrase 2 Understand


Daily we misunderstand others. Often we are confused by what people say, or misinterpret their words. 
The problem with misunderstandings is, when left unchecked, words can escalate into conflict.

Paraphrasing is a fast way to clear up and define what someone says. Learn to interpret vague and ambiguous language by learning to clarify a speaker’s intention.

This guide teaches you and your students, employees, family, friends, and peers how to paraphrase to understand what someone is really saying. This activity is a proactive game to teach others how to simplify the sentences they speak so their words are consistently understood.


Helps Learners to

  • Restate in their own words what someone else said.
  • Reword someone’s statement to gain understanding.
  • Rephrase what they heard to comprehend the context.
  • Clarify a sentence to understand the meaning.

This Activity Includes:

  • Complete Step-by-Step Instruction Guide
  • How to Implement Activity with Best Practices
  • Clarifying Statements Worksheets
  • Coaching – Mentoring Tips and Suggestions
  • Award Templates and Classroom Poster

Objectives and Outcomes for Students:

  • Clarify Communication Intentions
  • Observe Communication Behaviors
  • Examine Personal Use of Language
  • Identify Language Misunderstandings
  • Target Paraphrase Language to Help Others
  • Implementing Clarity is Positive Conversation
  • Acknowledge Good Paraphrasing Habits
  • Recognize and Apply Redirects in Action

Personal Benefit from Learning to Paraphrase:

  • Life-long Achievable Communication Skill
  • Encourages Accurate Listening Habits
  • Gives Learners Confidence to Apply Good Habits
  • Empowers Listeners to Redirect Misunderstandings
  • Builds Cooperative Agreements and Community

Size: 20 Pages / Format: PDF