Bipolar Friend On Suicide


Suicide is devastating. No matter what the cause or circumstance suicide leaves a wreck of emotions, guilt, blame, and shame in it’s wake.

Read this author’s journey who lost not just one-, but two beloved brothers to suicide years apart. Travel in her footsteps to understand the heart wrenching last conversations; the mental challenges; and the contributing factors towards this final act.

Bipolar Friend on Suicide is not just about those that do it, but also, those who have been left behind. Should you find yourself on either side of this ledge this book will lend perspective and guidance. If you know someone who feels hopeless and may be contemplating this action, or someone who has lost their loved one, this book provides many passages to help understanding, how to cope- and heal.

NOTE! Formerly Titled “On the Other Side of Suicide”

Size: 65 Pages / .99 MB / Format: PDF


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