The Narcissist Check List



This Guidebook Will Help You…

  1. Understand Narcissist Behaviors
  2. Describe Passive Aggression
  3. Learn Coping Skills for this Abuse
  4. Examine the Facts and Get Advice
  5. Self Assessment Worksheets
  6. Empower Yourself!


  • Narcissist: A Recycled Story
  • Narcissist Personality Traits
  • Use Caution in the Presence of a Narcissist
  • How to Communicate with a Narcissist
  • How Narcissists Operate
  • Quick Check Off (Determine if someone is a narcissist.)
  • My Personal Relationship Check-In
  • Lasting Quick Thoughts – Including Your Own!
  • Coping Skills Check In: Narcissist Management

Size: 23 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF