Money Concepts


Learn Basic Money Term$ & Account Type$.
An introductory- yet complete overview!
Presents simple, easy to learn money concepts.
Includes ALL types of money accounts used in a person’s life.


  • Concepts with Simple Examples
  • Ready made Worksheets for Every Chapter
  • Lots of FUN Charts, Illustrations and Pictures
  • Use as a Primary or Supplement Curricula!

Topic Highlights:

  • What is Money?
    *What is Value? *The Origin of Money
  • Terms to Describe Money
  • Types of Money Accounts:
    *Checking *Savings *Credit & Loans *Debit Cards
  • Investment Accounts:
    *CDs *Stocks *Bonds *Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Accounts:
    *Pension Plans & IRAs
  • Other Great Money Tips:
    *Saving versus Spending
  • Financial Terminology
    *Terminology Quiz


Size: 70 Pages / 2 MB / Format: PDF