How to Create Mockups


Do You Need to Design a Layout for Printing, Websites or other Media? Learn to Create a MOCK-UP for Page Formats with this Guide!

This is an overview on the form, function and purpose of Mock-ups. And how to create one with intention for the completion of a finished product. Serves as a very effective resource for all graphic and visual arts students. Product can be presented as a slideshow- or as handouts. Includes Activities!

Topics Include:

  • The Function, Importance and Purpose of Mock-ups
  • Mock-ups for Print and Web Pages, Other Formats
  • Supplies Needed to Make Mock-ups
  • How to Create a Mock-up
  • Templates for Websites
  • Lots of Examples too!

Teacher Benefits:

  • No-Prep Presentation
  • Activity Suggestions
  • Compliments Other Graphic Design Products

NOTE: Mockups and Thumbnails Sketches are Very Different!
A Mockup is a Well Defined Model Prototype. Thumbnails are Ideas Sketched on Paper First, to Brainstorm a Concept.

Size: 18 Pages / .86 MB / Format: PDF