Mental Health Happiness


Do you have anxious thoughts that keep you awake at night?
Do your thoughts rule your behaviors?
Does your mind cause stress and illness?

This guidebook will tell you How to Caretake Your Unquiet Mind with examples, suggestions, and time tested advice. For those who seek to maintain a healthy mental state, the balance is ongoing. And for many diagnosed with mental disorders this challenge is more demanding. This guide is aimed at three audiences:

  1. Folks seeking help for balancing life stress, with good health practices;
  2. Family and caregivers who cope with those who have mental disorders;
  3. And those who have a mental illness and are seeking a better quality of life.

This book offers a quick access to a variety of topics. Recommendations and advice presented are legitimate for all levels. Healthy individuals- to the severely incapacitated can benefit from these ideas and suggestions.

Size: 68 Pages / 2.99 MB / Format: PDF