Interpret Body Language Game Cards


Body language speaks loud and non-verbals account for 90% of communication! A single gesture can be interpreted numerous ways and can easily confuse the recipient. Deciphering indirect behaviors are even more challenging.

This BODY LANGUAGE ACTIVITY is a SKILL BUILDER! While this product is a proactive group game, which is very engaging, it is an ideal instructional tool. Class peers learn to decode and discern that interpersonal conversations are spoken by a person’s body expressions. To enhance their awareness, this activity has over 50+ Behavior Task Cards to clarify. And there are additional practice to play template sheets!


Ideas for Facilitation:

  • In School as an Icebreaker, During Breaks or for Recess
  • Versatile for Teaching Communication Skills
  • Activate Relief for Student Stress During Test Days
  • In Workplace When Communication Needs Help
  • At Home for Kids and Adult Gatherings – For Party-time
  • Interactive Peer Role-Play and/or Game of Charades
  • Introduce Topics Requiring Critical Thinking Skills
  • Or, Just to Have Fun with Your Family and Friends!

Group Discussion Starter that Introduces:

  • Learning about a Person’s own Perceptions;
  • Situations that can Influence an Interpretation;
  • Body Language Signals and Cross Signals;
  • How Our Gestures Can, and Do, Affect Each Other.

Ease of Use

  • NO preparation. Just Copy, Cut Out and Use
  • Fast and Easy Instructions Mean Quick Implementation
  • Cards are Self Directing and Explanatory

Size: 14 Pages / Format: PDF