Instructional Design Career Overview


Have You Explored Instructional Design (and Web Based Training) as a Career Opportunity? Training Developers are Highly Sought After in many Industries, such as Corporations, Organizations, Colleges, Schools, and Numerous Businesses!

**This Presentations is a Great Introduction, Overview and Career Exploration Resource for Understanding the Job Requirements for becoming an Instructional Designer!**

Instructional Designers:

  • Create In House Training for Staff, Customer Service, Phone and Sales Representatives, Leadership Development, and Informational How-To Guides plus MUCH MORE!
  • Write Content and often Design Graphics for Web-Based Training, Printed Products, Slideshow Presentations and All Genres that Bring Information to Others!

Understand the Career Skills Needed:

  • What Instructional Designers must know and do when developing training
  • What job skills, tasks are essentials to producing information
  • What natural talents are employed in this marketplace
  • Obtain knowledge to determine if this career would fit YOU

Instructional Designers Apply Their Talents in Many Areas:

  • Work in Print, on the Internet, and for all Media Publications
  • Create School and Organizational Curricula
  • Write Workshop and Seminar Objectives
  • Develop Needs Assessments for New Courses
  • Examine and Rewrite (or Repurpose) Existing Training
  • Organize Information in a Systemic Coherent Manner
  • Contribute Knowledge to Project Teams
  • Design and Format Page Layouts for Web or Print
  • Orchestrate and Manage Team Tasks
  • Project Manage from Concept to Completion
  • Instructional Design as a Career is Multi-Faceted and Engaging~!

This presentation is an excellent resource for training developers, teachers, industry educators, and for those entering the instructional design field. It highlights web-based training; however, these skills are transferable to any industry where information is needed.

Highlights Include:

  • Skills and Talents of Instructional Designers
  • Related Industry Terminology
  • Developing Web Based Training and Stages
  • Design Considerations: *Purpose *Audience *Formats *Resources
  • Working with Web Designers: *Communication *Dividing Tasks *Planning
  • Collaborative Projects Concept and Execution
  • Includes Review and Class Q&A Participation

Size: 39 Pages / 2 MB / Format: PDF