Instructional Design Overview & Stages


**Great for Career Exploration or as an **Overview for Instructional Design! This practical reference is an excellent resource for training developers, teachers, industry educators, and for those entering the instructional design field.

Understanding for:

  • How to design web based training programs
  • Provides insight for career in Instructional Design
  • Set up to present as a slideshow, or give as handouts!

Principles can be applied to:

  • Print & Media Publications
  • Creating Curricula for One Class or a Semester
  • Workshop and Seminar Formats

Highlights Include:

  • Skills of Instructional Designers
  • Related Industry Terminology
  • Developing Web Based Training
  • Design Consideration
  • Working with Web Designers
  • Project Concept and Execution
  • Review and Q&A Participation

Size: 39 Pages / 2 MB / Format: PDF