Idea Party Solutions

Re-invent and re-energize your life! Brainstorm resolutions. Get feedback. Receive critiques. Create a life path. Plan for projects and get great input. Ask and receive targeted answers for your issues with an iDeA PaRtY. Let this guide show you how this upbeat, proven party format works.

This formula for success will show you an EASY way to rejuvenate and jump start your personal and/or professional life. Get great answers to perplexing life concerns while relaxing with friends or peers. Enjoy receiving ideas for your life in a fun, interactive, social gathering with a purpose.

An iDeA PaRtY blends brainstorming and playing with ideas in a party environment. The outcome provides new directions for party participants and their lives. This unique book will show you > why you’ll want to attend an Idea Party > what you’ll get out of one > and how to organize and host a party for your friends. An awesome venue to instigate change in your life NOW!

(Formerly titled: Women’s Idea Partys)

Size: 92 Pages / .92 MB / Format: PDF