I Speak Sarcasm



Sarcasm is common communication in today’s culture.

Silly as sarcasm can be, sarcastic comments can spark a fire of conflict too. Learn the appropriate (and inappropriate) use for sarcasm in this cartoon work-playbook. It is designed to educate, inspire and develop proactive critical thinking skills while communicating with peers, friends, family and others.

This work-play book investigates Sarcasm and provides lots of writing exercises to instill how Sarcasm works.

Objectives for Learning About Sarcasm:

  • Interpret & Identify Aspects of Sarcasm
  • Recognize, Understand & Analyze Meanings
  • Examine, Synthesize & Determine Message Intent
  • Develop Communication Critical Thinking Skills
  • Evaluate Beneficial (and Not) Sarcastic Comments
  • Recognize the Purpose and Intent of Sarcasm

Writing Exercises & Pro-Active Worksheets:

  • Describe Message Intent
  • Identify Message Behaviors
  • Create 4 Different Sarcastic Comments and
  • Assign Intent and Associated Behaviors

Chapter Topics:

  • Sarcasm Explained
  • Sarcastic Comments = 2 Parts!
  • Sarcasm & Body Language
  • Body Language Speaks Louder than Words!
  • What is Said vs. What is Meant
  • The Many Meanings of Sarcasm
  • Interpret Relationship Behaviors
  • Signs of Sarcasm—Literally!
  • Interpret Message Intention

Size: 19 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF