HEAL Bipolar Through Awareness


Is Bipolar Disorder Truly a Mental Illness?
Or is IT a Learned Behavior Response?

The medical industry has long taught beliefs that worked for ‘their time’. However as humanity evolves, so must practices with entrenched ideologies.

The intention of this personal account is to educate and ascend what we think we know. Born into a bipolar family that bred 2 sibling suicides, and a running resume of mental unrest, Patty Ann shares her life immersed with ill thoughts, mental disease and failed marriages which lead her to examine her learned habits, thoughts and beliefs, and transcend to a healthier life.

Let this Book Help You Heal Yourself by Understanding:

  • – Your Family Lineage = Learned Behaviors
  • – Environments That Affect Mental Health
  • – How Narcissist Personalities Cause Bipolar Stress
  • – How Your Genetics May Rule Personal Wellness
  • – How to Get Beyond Inherent Thought Paradigms
  • – Examine Your Embedded Beliefs to Stop Toxic Cycles
  • – Set Personal Boundaries for Healthy Healing
  • – Find Trustworthy Counsel and Support
  • – Identify Healthy and Harmful Relationships
  • – How to Get Off Prescription Drugs Permanently
  • – How to Heal Using Body-Mind Awareness
  • – And, Learn to Create Your New Healthy Living Destiny

Size: 59 Pages / Format: PDF