Goal Setting Worksheets – Templates – Video – Presentation – STAR Action Guide! This Pro-Activity Bundle Will Prime Students to Achieve Any Goals! Breeze Through All Subjects and Task Plan Assignments with Ease. Look at what this GOAL SETTING Bundle offers:

#1 Goal Setting Skills 4 Students! Guidebook is a 25-page comprehensive step-action outline, with planning sheets. Effective for helping students create and achieve classroom goals. Lots of worksheets and teacher notes!

#2 STAR Target Guide ~ Think Through to Your Perfect Goal–And Get Results! (Activity Step Actions with Thinking Exercises + Reference Posters) STAR is an acronym that stands for *Situation *Task *Action *Result. Includes numerous exercises that are easy to comprehend and integrate. Learn to apply the STAR method to any school project. This activity book will show students how to apply this simple concept in a variety of environments.

#3 Ready Made Goals to Outcomes Template is self guided and self explanatory. Includes an example template and an empty template to copy off for your students!

#4 Goal Setting: Visualization Skills for Kids! (A Video on Visualization Skills for Setting Goals) Appropriate for elementary grades on up. With a common sense approach, this Video will engage your student with learning goals!

#5 Goal Setting & Visualization Skills for Kids (Progressive Slideshow is in Addition to the Video!) This progressive slideshow has the exact information as the video. It’s now included to give another option to enjoy!

All Resources are NO-Prep, Print-n-Use Now….

  • Mini-lessons and How-to-dos
  • Reference Posters, Benchmark Goals
  • Printable Handouts, Worksheets and ViDEO!
  • Activities for Thinking, Planning and Achieving Goals
  • Self Guided Examples with Lots of Activities
  • Step Action Planning, Effective Templates
  • Teacher Notes, Instructional Aids

Comprehensive Guides
> Effective Classroom Projects
> Problem Resolution Resource
> Easy to Implement and Understand

Size: 95 Pages /  Format: PDF