Find Da Font Game


Learn Type Styles and Fonts ~ Fun Game Card Activity
No Prep Printable > Just Copy and Cut Out Cards
Instant Activity for Graphic Arts Design Students!

  • “Find Da Font” comes with 30 different cards/3 sets.
  • Each card has a font for students to find.
  • Lesson will occupy students for the class period.

  1. One set of 30 cards has the type style displayed.
    This set has numbers 1-30 on each card.
  2. Second set of 30 cards are the matching answers.
    This 2nd set has numbered answers 1-30.
  3. A 3rd set of 30 card answers are not numbered.
    This set is to challenge players even more!
  4. Teachers discretion how to set up the activity.
    – Beginning level use 1 and 2 above.
    – Advanced level use 1 and 3 above.
    – Advanced can use numbered cards to check answers.
  • Activity cards with directions and ideas for class use.
  • No PREP and No thought is needed – Just have fun!
  • Instruction sheet included. But Teacher will want to set up the game.

Size: 19 Pages / Format: PDF