Good Manners Etiquette Cards




Managing behaviors for good manners is an ongoing task for Parents, Teachers and Employers. Rather than giving oral reprimands, communicate to students, children, and employees using proactive, positive reminders. These effective task-care cards help instill good manners with non-threatening, fun and relevant affirmation prompts.

This is an excellent tool for teachers, parents, employers and peers to use in the workplace -at home -or in the classroom.

  • 30 Etiquette Cards 6-up to copy, cut out, and share
  • Includes a How-to-Use Teacher Instruction Guide
  • There are extra Templates to Print Your Own Cards!

Kind Care Card Quotes – and Reminders Include:

  1. Reminder: Share Responsibility
  2. Say: Please
  3. Reminder: Acknowledge with Thank You
  4. Respond with: You are Welcome
  5. Suggestion: Be Kind and Nice
  6. Be Attentive: Be Giving and Helpful
  7. Reminder: Respect Others
  8. Take Action: Greet People
  9. Suggestion: Look People in the Eyes when Talking
  10. Say: Excuse Me When Interrupting
  11. Reminder: Be On Time
  12. Be Attentive: Do not Interrupt
  13. Suggestion: Invite Guests to Go First
  14. Suggestion: Invite Newcomers to Join In
  15. Be Attentive: Smile!
  16. Reminder: Share with Others
  17. Ask: Permission
  18. Ask: How Are You?
  19. Reminder: Thank Your Host
  20. Reminder: Knock on a Closed Door
  21. Say: Excuse Me
  22. Be Attentive: Introduce Yourself
  23. Say: I’m Sorry
  24. Reminder: Chew Food with Your Mouth Closed
  25. Reminder: Take Responsibility
  26. Reminder: Cover Your Mouth when Coughing
  27. Suggestion: Hold a Door Open for Someone
  28. Be Attentive: Listen Carefully
  29. Be Attentive: Pick Up Something Dropped
  30. Reminder: Send a Thank You Note

These EASY Etiquette Cards Help!

  • Effective Reminders without Controversy
  • Silent Helpers for Proper Social Conduct
  • Encourages Respect and Personal Responsibility
  • Pass Along Card Training Aids for Easy Understanding
  • Place on Bulletin Boards, Desks, at Workstations, or in Assignments
  • Use for ALL Ages and Groups!

Size: 37 Pages / 1.95 MB / Format: PDF