Save Your Planet Recycle=Reduce+Reuse


Be Proactive to Save Your Planet!
Just Reduce Reuse and Recycle!

Daily we have choices leading to decisions to help recover our earth from trash. How we elect to care take our world is a choice. One-by-one we each can decide to heal, or hurt, Gaia. Being a steward of our land is a social responsibility beholden to all community keepers. This Earth Day activity is the perfect opportunity to introduce students to imagine a new kind of green planet and how to address current issues. Awakening questions with writing prompts include: public health issues, raising awareness, campaigns for cause, government intervention, and environmental hazards. Let’s get green again and make a positive impact for the health of our oceans and earth, including ourselves!

Activity Objectives:

  • Develop Problem-Resolution Ideas
  • Critique and Explore Challenging Topics
  • Assess Personal and Public Social Responsibilities
  • Discern and Evaluate Choices and Consequences
  • Examine Appropriate Personal and Public Behaviors
  • Understand Effects of Cultural Perceptions and Stigmas
  • Awareness of Life Style Choices and Its Impact on Society

Action Oriented > Read-Think- Write Thoughts- Post IT- Assess & Discuss!

Lesson Overview:

  1. Introduce the Objective
  2. Explain Subject Matter
  3. Fill-in Question Prompts
  4. Progressive Activity Pages + Student Consensus

**No Prep EASY Lesson for Bulletin- or White- Boards

Size: 15 Pages /  Format: PDF