Civic Social Responsibility of Rich & Famous


What are the Civic and Social Responsibilities of the Rich and Famous?

Because the wealthy have more, does it mean they are obligated to help the less fortunate? Are famous privileged people duty-bound to share their abundance or act philanthropic? People in the public eye are scrutinized for their lifestyles and beliefs. This awareness activity presents intriguing questions as discussion starters to engage your Social Studies students!

Activity Objectives:

  • Develop Problem-Resolution Ideas
  • Critique and Explore Challenging Topics
  • Assess Personal and Public Social Responsibilities
  • Discern and Evaluate Choices and Consequences
  • Examine Appropriate Personal and Public Behaviors
  • Understand Effects of Cultural Perceptions and Stigmas
  • Awareness of Life Style Choices and Its Impact on Society

Action Oriented > Read-Think- Write Thoughts- Post IT- Assess & Discuss!

Lesson Overview:

  1. Introduce the Objective
  2. Explain Subject Matter
  3. Fill-in Question Prompts
  4. Progressive Activity Pages + Student Consensus

**No Prep EASY Lesson for Bulletin- or White- Boards

Size: 15 Pages /  Format: PDF