Pet Population


Pet Over Population Reflects Human Choices. For those who take NO Responsibility for their pets, the consequence is prolific animal suffering. Additionally, millions of puppies and kittens are euthanized yearly through no fault of their own, other than being born. This powerful activity helps students understand that personal decisions and choices affect another living being. And, to comprehend this is a substantial society epidemic. That the issue is a huge problem, but one that has a solution and is correctable. Students will assess and apply critical thinking to examine this animal welfare predicament. They will come to appreciate awareness and education is key to pet ownership. This activity has worksheets filled with writing prompts to engage and enlist a problem resolution mindset. Teachers you can help elevate animal consciousness by sharing this assignment with your classes today!


Activity Objectives:

  • Develop Problem-Resolution Ideas
  • Critique and Explore Challenging Topics
  • Assess Personal and Public Social Responsibilities
  • Discern and Evaluate Choices and Consequences
  • Examine Appropriate Personal and Public Behaviors
  • Understand Effects of Cultural Perceptions and Stigmas
  • Awareness of Life Style Choices and Its Impact on Society

Action Oriented > Read-Think- Write Thoughts- Post IT- Assess & Discuss!

Lesson Overview:

  1. Introduce the Objective
  2. Explain Subject Matter
  3. Fill-in Question Prompts
  4. Progressive Activity Pages + Student Consensus

**No Prep EASY Lesson for Bulletin- or White- Boards

Size: 15 Pages /  Format: PDF