Empathy Awareness



Empathy Awareness is vitally important to maintaining all relationships. Empathy is a life long skill that bonds humans in understanding each other through heartfelt compassion. Appreciation for our others is essential to interpersonal social success.

Use Worksheets, Lessons, and Activity Game to Teach:

  • Empathic Feelings in Self and Others
  • Enables Perspective and Perception
  • Critical Thinking in Social Settings
  • Enhances Respect and Sensitivity
  • Expands Behavior Recognition
  • Develops Growth Mindset
  • Helps to Resolve Conflicts

Where and How to Use this Activity:

  • Classrooms: Group Project Based Learning, Civics,
    Ethics, Communication Skills and for All Subjects
  • Customer Service Training for Phone Reps
  • Staff Meetings, Retreats and Workshop Events
  • Employee Empathy Skills to Keep Happy Customers in the Workplace
  • Organizations Needing to Build Peer Cooperation and Understanding
  • Empathy Training was Designed for Teens to Adults for ALL Environments!

Empathy Activity Topics Include:

What is EMPATHY?
– Define Empathy
– Define Awareness of Empathy

What is NOT Empathy
– Words that are NOT Empathic
– Behaviors that are NOT Supportive

Empathy Awareness Worksheets
– Empathy Words to Say
– Sharing Empathy Behaviors
– Words NOT to Say

3 Practice Scenarios:
– Sharing Empathy Words and Behaviors

Practice Your Empathy Awareness
– Words of Support- and Words NOT to Say

Empathy Awareness Activity Game
– Description, Objective and Duration
– Explanation, Examples & Ideas
– Keeping the Learning Alive
– Empathy Challenge Poster
– Empathy Recognition Awards

Anybody can easily learn empathy awareness and use it effectively. The result is peer understanding. And, this leads to cooperative interactions.

Training creates EMPATHY AWARENESS across all platforms and environments.

  • SIMPLE, EASY, and FUN with engagement for all.
  • A short introductory! Quickly implements game without disruption.
  • FOR: Teachers and Students > Managers and Staff > Parents and Staff!

Resource comes complete with:

  1. Guided instructions
  2. Classroom poster
  3. Empathy recognition awards (4-up for copying)
  4. Ideas for implementation!

Size: 20 Pages /  Format: PDF