Write with Clarity & GET RESULTS



Writing emails and letters can be challenging and sometimes difficult to compose; particularly if you have to address a sensitive situation.

This guide will help you write any email, or letter, with ease. You will learn to proactively examine all interactions, and turn it into a favorable outcome. Writing an email can act as your messenger of mercy. Your words can bring solutions, awareness, or offer suggestions, or even resolve. You will learn to address any event with objectivity, and know how to use words and sentences to achieve the outcomes you desire. Find out how to write ALL types of emails and letters—and especially for those tough issues that need CLARITY TO GET RESULTS!

This Guide Provides:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • How to write and use drafts
  • Examples of formatting letters
  • Templates, outlines and guidelines
  • Lots of word lists and writing prompts
  • Tips and suggestions for professional emails

Who Needs this Resource?

  • Teachers Addressing Peers or Parents
  • Workplace Situations and Challenging Issues
  • Anyone Needing a Template or Reference Guide
  • Everyone Who Writes Emails and Letters!
  • Strategies on What to Say When and Where!

Purposefully written in outline format for quick comprehension and easy reading. Don’t get personal — go professional. Let this guidebook show you how!

Size: 37 Pages / Format: PDF