Desert Dreams


Terra’s predictable life took a big turn within one week. Her high school sweetheart of 16 years dumped her. She was downsized out of a job. And homeless. Terra was ambivalent, yet oddly excited. Life had just granted her unexplored freedom. Within days, Terra packed her small pickup with essentials and set out on a road trip with no particular plan. Unrestrained and exempt from agendas, Terra allowed her intuition to guide her way.

Camping in the wilderness, roaming, and often taking unmarked back roads Terra’s route led her to the Southwest. Destiny was summoned to answer Terra’s call for adventure. Thus, one fateful trail points Terra to a secret hot spring and a week filled with magic synchronicity. Where seductive moonlight romances, a mysterious murder, and bewitching discoveries await.

Twenty-two years later, Terra’s memories of her foregone romantic journey lures her to return to the secret pool. A surprise reunion unfolds, and reveals a different path of enchanting encounters to fulfill her Desert Dreams once again.

Size: 200 Pages / Format: PDF