Create Book Covers That LOVE to SELL


Every TOP SELLER started in the same place with their Product Cover Designs: AT THE BEGINNING! If YOU are a Teacher-Author-Seller and/or Indie Author this Guide is for YOU! Learn to Create Book Covers that LOVE to SELL Your Products !!

Written Specifically For Teacher-Author-Sellers Who Design Their Own Covers! There is NO Question – We ALL Strive to Create Great Products. And We Need Our Covers to Match the Content – PLUS Appeal to Buyers.

This is an easy to understand guidebook packed with ideas, how-to-tips, and loaded with revealing visuals with BEFORE and AFTER examples. Topics delve deep and honestly. From perfecting a cover title and graphics to target the resource contents, this handbook will expedite your learning curve. Designed for newcomers and seasoned sellers alike. Includes essential, proven advice for the success of your e-book sales. A broad range of topics are discussed and addressed.

Highlights Include:

Lesson 0: Cover Format Trends
Lesson 1: Hard Core Cover Redos
Lesson 2: Changing Backgrounds
Lesson 3: Get the Picture!
Lesson 4: DO Judge a Book by ITS Cover!
Lesson 5: The Cover Match
Lesson 6: Type Styles Set the Mood
Lesson 7: Visual Pizzazz
Lesson 8: Cover Worthy
Lesson 9: Expand Your Product Niche
Lesson 10: Quality Over Quantity
Lesson 11: Covers That Sell or Don’t
Lesson 12: Create Titles that Clarify
Lesson 13: Accidental Cover Designs
Lesson 14: Scaled to Fit
Lesson 15: Size Does Matter!
Lesson 16: Choose Customary Over Artsy
Lesson 17: The Influence of SEO and Social Media

Size: 40 Pages / Format: PDF