The Covert Corrupt College


THE COVERT CORRUPT COLLEGE is a riveting and seductive story of one educational institution filled with drama, hidden agendas, and intrigue. This narrative—and TRUE story dating from 1978 thru 1991 reveals distinct personal agendas that unraveled into idiotic acts of self gratification and deception.

Against all odds, honorable Paige sets out to correct the impossible. Follow one woman’s journey stacked with manipulative twists and turns in her quest to save a department ill-fated for ruin. At the hands of her womanizing toxic boss, Paige is determined to restore their former star program despite the hurdles. With focused clarity and strong intention, she uses her intuition to direct her path. Paige pushes the limits of close calls, last minute encounters, and plays her peers with the conviction that honesty would prevail. After six exhausting years digging through relentless challenges, Paige’s crusade yields an uncanny conclusion: The rare termination of her tenured department chairman.

This psychotic recount delivers the interpersonal psychology and motivations inside higher education cultures. Where entrenched institutionalized protocols breed opportunity for impostors to feast on a crippled system. And, get away with it. People like Paige do not exist except under their own volition. Her belief that people should be held accountable carved her ideology into action. Thus, on this fortuitous occasion, Paige’s tenacious soul summoned serendipity to intervene and hand out justice well deserved, and warranted.

Size: 83 Pages /  Format: PDF